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L'Opera Reviews and Ratings - Pandara Road Market, New Delhi


Rated 1.0 by A M

The food was all fine (but that we knew already from having eaten various things from l'opera over the last few years). The staff was also friendly and helpful. But this place just does not hack it as a cafe or tea room, esp if you compare it to what was in this space earlier. This is neither a cafe nor a tea room, its a baked goods counter with a cutsy seating area attached. In its earlier incarnation it was impossible to find a table even on a weekday afternoon, and in a city full of dinky curated this, curated that and other hipster nonsense, you could fool yourself that you were in a real urban tea room/cafe. Now you eat your expensive eclair surrounded by empty tables. Would I go there again? Not a chance.


Rated 4.0 by Bhavya Cherukuri

As classy as their name sounds! I only tried their blue berry cheesecake..loved it! My other friends who tried some other desserts loved them.


Rated 4.0 by The Optimist

One of the freshest brunches I have ever had in city, will go back for the lunch again, the perfect setting for a French bakery. Please try their cappuccino, along with the freshly baked cookies. You don't doubt the taste and quality when you are at L'opera.


Rated 3.0 by Chhav

Nine years after they introduced the capital to macarons that taste like straight out of a Parisian cafe, the newest offering from the Samandari couple is about authentic French delicatessen as an ode to the city that has given their cuisine steady following. In a classic Indian art house meets French food, the L’Opéra Salon de Thé is an avant garde French culinary setup in the heritage property Bikaner House, famous for its architecture from days of the Raj. Ambience The Salon that is reminiscent of a quintessentially uber chic French cafe, hopes to replicate the same experience for Delhiites, complete with its food and interiors. Keeping the setting intimately quaint, the place has a small cover of 30, snugly seated under baroque chandeliers. The French windows reflect the heritage structure, while the fireplace gives it its warmth. Food Kazem Samandari, chairman, French Bakery Private Limited shares, “We complete a decade since we decided to make India our home. Salon de Thé is a gesture of gratitude to the city that welcomed us with open arms. So, we decided to make French food part of the city that has essentially been fed on butter chicken and dal makhni. At the same time, we wanted the new property to not be just another cafe but a French experience in itself, right from the interiors, landscaping, curtain, and of course the food.” The food is a balanced mix of soups, salads, range of feuilletes and light French meals. The Vegetable Feuillet (Rs 280) is a must-have due to its flakiness from the lightly seasoned puff pastry with fresh vegetables. The Chicken Leek Feuillete (Rs 330), complimented by garlic, cream and subtle herbs is as delicate as it is wholesome while the Cheese and Tomato Feuillete (Rs 280), a Mediterranean delight made with sundried tomatoes and béchamel sauce, is the softer yet equally exquisite option. The Beetroot soup (Rs 220) is delicate, smooth, creamy, combined with an earthy freshness. The Tomato soup (Rs 220) is gently seasoned and minimally spiced to give it a homely taste. The crowned king is the classic French favourite Croque Monsieur (Rs 390) and Croque Madame (Rs 410). These lipsmackingly delicious sandwiches have pork ham, milk bread and melting cheese inside (and a fried egg on top). This place offers a unique French experience, with a mix of old-fashioned dining and a modern touch of elegance.


Rated 5.0 by Abhishekdpsrkp1994

I love their macaroons, and their fresh bakery products. Great service, and a lovely place for evening coffee. Please try their cappuccino, along with the freshly baked cookies.