Fast Food Restaurant

Indulgence Cafe

Najafgarh Road, Uttam Nagar
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Indulgence Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Uttam Nagar, New Delhi


Rated 3.0 by Kanika Pandey

Delicious Hakka noodles and tasty burger, I will recommend this cafe to everyone but the delivery was late they have taken more than 55 minutes to deliver.


Rated 2.0 by Kriti Arora

Ordered from this cafe after watching the reviews But sorry to say....this cafe didn't match a little but with the reviews people had given to this cafe If you are thinking to order after watching the reviews please don't repeat the same mistake I've ordered 3 veg burgers and 1veg sandwich First I want to talk about sandwiches which is far too costly for the quantity they offer (4 slices of mini white bread in rs 50)....and bread was not at all fresh They should have at least use sandwich bread then cost us 50rs.. .so sandwiches is a total waste of money And now about burger The worst burger I've ever ate seriously they tried to make american style burger but they failed big time In one review someone said that their packing is too god But the truth is no Yeah they have used burger box but to pack the burger and sandwiches they used tissue paper instead of rice paper or butter paper ....all that tissue paper turned soggy and it was difficult to remove from burger and sandwiches Overall I had a very messy experience with this cafe And never going to order from there ever again


Rated 4.0 by Dhanveer Singh

First home delivery order after reading reviews on zomato. Pizza & cheese garlic bread was soft and appetizing, rating 4.5 Noodles were okay, rating 3 Overall food was delicious. Would like to order again.


Rated 5.0 by Getjohn07

Nice food, very nice ambiance, good service, prices are very good. Nice food, very nice ambiance, good service, prices are very good. Nice food, very nice ambiance, good service, prices are very good


Rated 4.0 by Deepika Nimesh

Fable is one of my favourite go to places when i want to eat comfort yummy food. I went there with friends last week and usual place did not disappoint me with its yet yummy menu and we had ordered for a pasta and pizza which was absolutely delicious...