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New Manglapuri
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Hot Sauce Reviews and Ratings - New Manglapuri, New Delhi


Rated 5.0 by Ujjwal Gaur

We ordered its hot selling penne pasta in pink sauce which was a delight and also a visual treat with touch of cream and parmesan👌🏻. Then we had ordered its mac and cheese which was too yummy that i ended up eating in less than rwo minutes😛. Grilled cottage cheese, a healthy platter with grilled paneer and cauliflower & roasted veggies completed a fully appetite meal


Rated 5.0 by Ram Kapoor (punjabitadkaladka)

Hot sauce is a must try for all American street food lovers and for all foodies out there. I ordered the uncommon dishes which blew my mind away. First I ordered Paneer fajita bowl under tex mex platter. The lime rice, the corn and mozzarella cheese were just perfect. Then I ordered Paneer tikka and veggies Manhattan rice platter. It's humongous enough for a single person to finish alone. The excotic raw vegetables with olive oil fried and the baked paneer chunks was the heavenly sight for a diet freak person like me. At last the paneer tikka and veggies pita roll wrapped in pita bread with salad and theirs white and hot sauce was the perfect end to our healthy family dinner


Rated 1.0 by Arpit Gupta

Pathetic service.. rider comes after delivering 2 orders which are definitely off route.. The food then comes 2 hours later that too all outside packing.. they are frauds.. never order from here.. They are all lying fraudsters running this place with owner sitting outside India who doesn't even care


Rated 3.0 by Ishan Behal

The hot dogs were really good but the banana bread and the brownie were stale.


Rated 2.0 by Ahana Gurung

Found hair in my food 🤢