Dessert & Ice Cream Parlor


Green Park Main Market, Green Park

Phone no. - 011 33107603


Cost for two - 550


Bakery, Desserts

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Dezertfox Reviews and Ratings - Green Park, New Delhi


Rated 4.0 by Spiceler

This took my heart away, just at a glance. Sheer beauty ! . Thank you @df_dezertfox & @zomatoin . ♥️From the packing to unveiling each dessert was an experience in itself. Loved the packing, each item was packed liked a jewel in a jewellery box. . ℹ️ Y the exorbitant price, considering the portion size? Have had better red velvet with a better price tag. Too fancy a presentation, that delivers average satisfaction.🔽 . ☑️ Would love to try more . . "Desserts is stressed spelled backwards". . 📍 : DezertFox (Green Park,Delhi) . 🍽 : Red Velvet . 💰 : Rs. 169/- or $ 3.0/- + Tax . ⭐ : 8.1/10 .


Rated 5.0 by Assamese Rockers

Ordered cake and it was very beautiful and tasty. The cake was perfectly designed and soft. The chocolate flavour was too good.This restaurant are quiet good with their varieties of cake.


Rated 1.0 by Sukriti Jain

I ordered once 2-3months back. Was very disappointed with the pastries delivered to me. Gave the feedback over phone. However, what was more disappointing was that they added me to their rewards point database without my permission. I called them back after receiving the first msg, spoke to their operator and categorically asked them to take my number off the list. I have done this three times and I am still getting alerts from them. Dezert Fox Pls respect privacy!!!


Rated 5.0 by Sahil Arora

I was around green park only, when i saw this place, i've been to there CP branch and totally loved it, and this one too was not so different. As i entered the place, i got the same vibes as that of the CP outlet, exactly same, interior, ambience. Everything was on point and great. Coming to the best part, the food: Equatorial Eclair - A beautiful looking eclair, with a dark chocolate and a green sponge cake, it looked very appetising and tasted great too. A great fusion of eclairs. Bounty Macaroon - A traditional macaroon, with a great taste, texture and an experience to die for. Do try this, and you will surely love it. Chocolate Sacher - Again a beautifully crafted chocolate dessert, with nuts and melt in mouth chocolate, just heat it a little and you have yourselves a treat for sure. Lovely it was. Mocha mud pie jar - My personal favorite, a layered dessert in a jar, with great flavors of chocolate and mocha coffee, this one is the star. The place is a nice little dessert parlour, something that must be there in every market i'd say. A place to chill, relax and eat great desserts !


Rated 5.0 by Spiceandtangy

A very pretty small outlet for dessert fans in green park with amazing dessert like pastries eclair chocolates macrons cookies and lot more. I liked how they use fresh Belgium chocolates only and i am big fan of belgium chocolates. The server was well versed with the desserts displayed and guided me to make a choice amazing hospitality . I ordered:- Dark truffle intenso pastry:- which had many layers of chocolate, dark chocolate, lemon intenso, a layer of liquid chocolate balls and a fine crust of chocolate on the top with a golden shimmer. It was rich with all kinds of chocolate and to enhance the taste the lemon liquid was put to hive it a sweet and tangy flavour which was worth tasting. Signature Nutella white chocolate eclair:- the presentation was amazing and neat. It had a crust of white chocolate with frozen nutella balls on top and inside the eclair was the filling of nutella which was a mystery. The eclair was soft and tasted so well. I loved it Chocolate sin:- loved it . Signature must try. The chocolate bread was soft and yummy with a willed chocolate belgium maintaining a balance so give a beautiful flavor. The belgium chocolate was well made and it was heavenly in taste. Frappe cold coffee:- presentation in a jar. Made with fresh coffee beans with balanced flavor sweet and coffee. Cold Chocolate mint:- it was very chocolaty. Had fine belgium chocolate which was veey sweet in taste and mint flavor balancing it. I had a very nice belgium sweet dessert tasting session.

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