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What better method for getting spoiled and loose than with an invigorating and stimulating back rub? Getting a back rub is an incredible method for rejuvenating and destressing. We have an assortment of more than 2000 spas with offers and discounts, so you can spare a couple of bucks as well while getting pampered by some trained and experienced specialists! The spas give a wide range of massage therapies including: 

  1. Ayurvedic Therapies: 

  • Abhyangam - Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic, full-body oil massage utilizing Dosha-specific warm herb-imbued oils. Abhyangam has been referenced in the ancient Indian manuscripts as a standard daily schedule for an invigorated body and brain. 

  • Shirodhara - Shirodhara is a head massage that involves pouring of essential oils over the scalp supporting in pressure alleviation and helping the memory. 

  • Panchakarma - Panchakarma is the detoxifying system in Ayurveda helping in complete detoxification and revival of the body. 

  1. Swedish Massage - Swedish Massage is the most popular kind of massage. It includes rubbing on the body with long strokes to help in better blood circulation.

  1. Balinese Massage - Balinese Massage is a restoring therapeutic treatment including pressure point massage, utilization of essential oils, and delicate stroking of the skin. 

  1. Lomi Massage - Lomi Massage is a conventional Hawaiian massage that includes focusing on the skin in a way that imitates manipulating of dough, and the utilization of nut oils. 

  1. Deep Tissue Massage - Deep-Tissue Massage includes moderate and deep strokes to target the more profound layers of the skin. It is useful in fixing torn muscles and tissues. 

The spas offer a lot more treatments including Aromatherapy, Hot Stone massage and others!

Look over a rundown of top of the line spas offering quietness and peacefulness, away from the hustle-clamor of the city and restore your brain, body, and soul! We have incredible ideas at the best spas in the nation including all the significant urban areas like Gurgaon, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and some more!