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Chacha Jee ki Desi Rasoi

V3S Mall, Lakshmi Nagar District Centre

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North Indian

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Chacha Jee ki Desi Rasoi Reviews and Ratings - Lakshmi Nagar District Centre, New Delhi


Rated 4.0 by Swati Garg

A great place in the v3s mall to have some north Indian food. The quality and quantity both are worth our money. I have had these dishes at this place : 🍽️ Vada Pav : They served two pieces of Vada pav along with masala, green chutneys & green chillies. They are really filling and very tasty. Definitely try them😋 🍽️ Chole Bhature : The pieces of bhature are really big & chole are also very tasty. Tastes really good.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Mark Breeze

I think the past couple of reviews are way too harsh on the Rajasthani thali so decided to redress the balance: it's tasty and very filling. Recommend.


Rated 2.5 by Stylishbite (

This place is located in the food court of V3S mall. Laxminagar. I tried their Rajasthani Thali comprising of Pachmel dal, papad magori, missi roti, gatta curry, kadhi, rice, mirchi tapori, Khel sangar and gur.  They took 15 to serve everything. It looked delicious and tempting. But when I tasted it, everything lacked authenticity & was devoid of the taste of Rajasthani cuisine. Pachmel dal was bland; gatta curry had hard gatta in it and Kadhi was tasteless. Only Mirchi tapori tasted fine. Overall bad experience. Would not like to visit again.


Rated 2.5 by Amar Sirohi

Chacha Jee ki Desi Rasoi is another one in the long list of forgettable outlets in the deteriorating food court of V3S Mall located just opposite to the Nirman Vihar metro station. Usually i do not visit to this food court but i was so bored of eating at the usual eateries of this mall i came here for a change and ordered a Rajasthani thali from here. It had Gatta curry, papad magori, pachmel dal, kadhi, rice, raita, sangar, gur, mirchi pakora and missi rotis. It looked tempting but everything was so out of flavour in taste. That gatta curry was the worst i ever had..its gravy was watery and had no taste at all and on top of that, it was undercooked. Pachmel dal amd kadhi was equally bad. Only the mirch pakora was good in taste. All in all, a bad choice on my part..aint going here again.


Rated 3.0 by Nidhi Thakur

Chacha jee ki desi rasoi is on the top floor of v3s mall food court. We ordered rajasthani thali and to our surprise one small glass of cold drink was complementary. Thali was quite ok nothing extraordinary.

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