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Naraina Industrial Area Phase 1
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Back Door Delivery Reviews and Ratings - Naraina Industrial Area Phase 1, New Delhi


Rated 1.0 by Sunny Yadav


Rated 1.0 by Arvind Sharma

bhai mery. dal mangi thi tel nhi . theek tarah se bna liya kro isny.


Rated 2.5 by Shaheema Robbani Saikia

Back Door Delivery’ absolutely terrible experience. we ordered food at 2am and at quarter past 4 I get a phone call for delivery. I told the delivery guy to take back the food, he kept insisting and upon disconnecting the phone, he kept calling. I blocked his phone number. Then he takes a step further ahead by ringing the calling bell. Btw we had ordered for potato wedges and egg garlic chilly noodles. And the restaurant is calling me to take back the order at 4:30am..consistent calling! How terrible they can get!


Rated 4.0 by Jai Singh

Nice.. i tried their paneer labadar. Nd it was tasty.. plus their saffron kheer was too gud :D must try.. 2 star less coz their delivery was bit slow. But overall experience was nice


Rated 4.0 by Rantim (PassionThroughLenses)

Regarding delivery, the prompt is the word to describe their discreet service and timely delivery. The only major flaw is their packing, and most of food presented during delivery was unpleasant and poor packaging was the certain reason. In DRINKS we had, ➊ Blueberry Cheesecake Shake. The shake was decent and balanced in taste. With ice cream inside it was indeed joyous to slurp the entire. In STARTERS & MAINS we had, ➊ Chicken Tendors (Peri Peri). More like chicken wings the tendors tasted splendid. Not to forget, but the 3 dips provided with the dish made it utmost delish to grub and highly appreciating to prefer. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* ➋ Rogan Gosht. The mutton was by far the best dish amongst what we had ordered. It was quite adequate for two people to hog on. Paired delightfully with Peri Peri naans. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* In DESSERTS, ➊ Saffron Kheer. The country's authentic dessert just got a sparkling retouch to it's taste and obviously, a fancy name! The Indian rice pudding blended with kesar badam gives richness and fascination to end up a food experience on a sweet note. Overall, the outlet seems to be more desirably good than expected. At first, the packing might gives a wrong notch but once someone will start hogging their delicacies it will totally divert the experience to parallel mindset of appreciation. :)