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Arunachal Bhawan

Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri
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Arunachal Bhawan Reviews and Ratings - Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


Rated 3.0 by Upasana Sarma

#doublefriedporkFTW Arunachal Bhawan doesn't have much to offer, but when it comes to the fried pork, I'd bless the staff for making such great food. But then again, this place is mostly unpredictable. This is no sure-fire bet and even in terms of my much loved pork, I did face disappointments once or twice. If you really want guaranteed good food, don't think of this as an option..


Rated 1.0 by FoodHunter

Horrible food. I had gone there with my wife, my daughter and acouple who are dear friends to us. The ambience was bad and had a leaking roof at the entrance. Toilets were disastrous - Swacch Bharat wasn't the idea here at all and looked like it hasn't been cleaned for years. We ordered - Rotis and Plain Rice - which were the only appreciable item, - Chilli Chicken Dry - ultra spicy even after asking for less spicy, and we had tears rolling in spite of us being chiili eaters - Pork Ribs - served to us on a plate after it was immediately taken out of oil. We could still see the oil dripping. Tasted horrible too. - Pork curry and Chicken curry - no taste. Gravy was too watery and I thought the chef was cooking for the first time. - Dry Chicken Fry - Read the 'pork ribs' because it's just the same. And for all this we paid about Rs. 1,300. Bad experience.


Rated 5.0 by Uddipta N. Borah

Boil Pork Thaali at Arunachal Bhavan, New Delhi. After having various pork delicacies in Naga and Assamese style for some time now in Delhi-NCR, I wanted to have something light and it had to be Arunachali cuisine. I headed to the Arunachal Bhavan situated at the Diplomatic Enclave. It took me around an hour from Gurgaon to reach there. I had invited my friends there too and without any review on Zomato, I was hoping if the long travel after work was worth it. But trust me, it was. The Pork Thaki comprised of boiled pork cooked with bamboo shoot, delicious plain dal, boiled saag, rice and mashed potato (It was unavailable yesterday,so soyabean). The Thali is very reasonably priced at INR 200. Also, do not forget to try the pork chilly dry for starters (highly recommended) . So, pork lovers in Delhi-NCR, add this place to your list


Rated 5.0 by Swatah Siddha Borkotoky

Ambience: Okkish Food: Pork chili fry - exceptionally good (have had this dish many a times atmany outlets, but this one undoubtedly the best) Pork curry with bamboo shoot - good taste Pork fry - could have been better Quantity and quality wise, this outlet is great. It doesn't burn a hole in your pocket and complete value for money for pork lovers.