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Yo! Frankie

MGR Main Road, Perungudi
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Yo! Frankie Reviews and Ratings - Perungudi, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by The Hungry Chennaite

This kiosk opened in SP Infocity's food court months back and I have tasted the Momos and wraps from them on a number of occasions. The service is really slow here - if not momos at least wraps are supposed to be grab and go kinda food and are expected to be served quickly. The staff here take their own time to serve us and get really confused when you use your card for payment. Coming to momos, they have tasted really good at times and okay most of the times. The chutney is yum! I m definitely not a fan of thier wraps.


Rated 1.0 by Dhruv Rathore

Worst kind of frankie ever made. Tastes like shit with no masala and hardly a bite or 2 of paneer in the whole frankie. Worthless for its price and definitely there are a lot better out there !


Rated 1.0 by Ramesh Ravishankar

It was terrible.. I was very hungry, and wanted to have an egg role. Guess what, it contained a wrap, that had a semblance of egg, and heavily smeared with mayo (Who puts mayo in an egg role), and onions. no salt, pepper. Absolute disappointment. Extremely disappointed.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Rajiv Shankar

This is another little kiosk stationed inside the SP Infocity food court in Perungudi. A red coloured themed set up adorns the space with the menu glistened up with frankies and momo's. Sometimes you also need these kind of places to satiate a quick hunger. I've tried them on certain 'not so hungry' lunch days and actually found them to be pretty good. In the vegetarian rolls side, the aloo mazaa with a bunch of roasted potatoes in a saucy layer was juicy and recently also tried the panneer roll where they put quite a lot of portion of the panneer gravy comprising lots of pieces. The momo's are already made and they just steam or fry it and serve as you wish. Only issue I've felt is that they take a long while to make it. The roll is of the maida kind and there have been times when I've waited a while to receive my tubed torpedo. Time constraints apart, they do a good job within the limited set up. Also since there aren't too many quick bite outlets here at SP, it works as an advantage for them. If you're in the mood for rolls and momos and don't intend to burn your pocket, you could gladly give them a shot.