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Yakiniku - Hyatt Regency Reviews and Ratings - Teynampet, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by Prashant Mardia

Wasn’t really expecting to have a good meal here, when I went in with my family. The restaurant was kind of open to the lobby, with noise coming in from the lobby level & the party taking place in the banquet hall upstairs. But, all this was overshadowed with some excellent vegetarian Sushi’s, pan cakes, tofu steak (the tofu was very hard though!) garlic rice & udon noodles. Although the choices are very limited for a strictly vegetarian person, but whatever is available, is just too good!! The service is also a plus point. The chef & the waiters are very accommodative & are open to making a few dishes as per the guests choices. Will definitely return for another good evening of Sushi’s, pan cakes & garlic rice!! For the Sushi lovers (from Chennai & people visiting here), this place is a must do..


Rated 4.0 by Gopinath Rajendran

And my quest to find Chennai's restaurants that dish out amazing Japanese cuisine recently brought me to a place closer to home. Literally, considering it's just a walk away from my house -- Hyatt Regency. Their latest restaurant Yakiniku is the only one I hadn't been to and thanks to an invite for their new menu, that's ticked off my list too. I was recently here to check out a couple of dishes that they've added to their already rocking menu. I got to try a bit of everything they had to offer and incidentally, they've tweaked the menu in such a way that all segments of it got a few dishes added to it. Here are what I tried and how they ended up being. Inari Potato Salad To be honest, a salad was wrapped with tofu the last dish I expected to try in a Japanese restaurant despite being a fan of the usual salads their cuisine serves. The wrapping consisted of compltely mashed potatoes and this cold salad tasted similar to coleslaw when had as whole.  Mochi That's right, a savory mochi -- a first for me too. I'm a fan of the sweet variant and the fact that it's so hard to find them in Chennai makes me crave for them often, but this mochi served with mushroom sauce and shimeji mushrooms. As a fan of mushrooms, I loved this dish and the sauce which was packed with flavors added the perfect kick to this dish.  Soba Sushi You know how much importance I give to vegetarian food when you can see that I haven't even taken a picture of this dish. But that doesn't mean, it isn't something you shouldn't fancy. As the name implies, this vegetarian sushi includes buckwheat noodles along with the regular veg sushi fillings such as cucumber and greens.  Tempura Maki And now you're talking! Probably the most well known -- thanks to being westernized -- tempura maki is also the most common form of sushis eaten and obviously, it's super delicious. Topped with fried crumbs and filled with prawn tempura (which is an amazing Japanese snack on its own), this dish is a treat to any sushi lover like me.  Tofu Steak I've never tried a sizzler in a Japanese restaurant and these dishes were truly a surprise to me. The vegetarian variant had large chunks of tofu along with their mushroom sauce and shimeji mushroom pieces, served alongside miso soup and rice. Though it was pretty good, it would've been better if the tofu chunks had been smaller in size.  Yakiniku Beef The non-vegetarian variant of the sizzler plate had sliced beef along with onions. Though the sauce complemented the perfectly cooked beef slices, the onions were overpowering. Nevertheless, along with plain rice, it was good.  Chicken Udon I wasn't going to complete a meal at a Japanese restaurant without trying their udon. I personally love udon compared to regular noodles thanks to their thickness and it also makes it a perfect pick for noodle soups. The one we got had chicken in it but the noodles was so good that I didn't really care about the meat. Talk about slupy goodness! Garlic Fried Rice Yet another victim of not being photographed as the photographer is a mean carnivore. To be honest, my expectations were very low considering the lack of meat in it, but the Garlic Fried Rice ended up being actually one of the best dishes we had that evening. The strong garlic flavour was just brilliant and it was one of those rare rice dishes which doesn't actually need a side.  Azuki Beans, Mochi and Ice Cream Taking a modern twist on the good old mochi, what we had was more of a deconstructed version served with small discs of mochi topped with Azuki beans and ice cream along with a shower of matcha dust. Though the small mochi pieces felt out of place, the perfectly cooked beans and the ice cream were just an awesome combination which made it one of the simple yet best desserts I've had in recent times. Overall, it was a wonderful experience at Yakiniku, Hyatt Regency. Serving a cuisine that's often stereotyped with just sushi rolls, this restaurant strives to introduce their delicacies with a twist. With more options added for vegetarians, Japanese food is predominantly seafood is a statement my vegetarian friends can't say anymore if they head to Yakiniku.


Rated 1.0 by Bh

Bad food. It was just oil in the food. There was no food. Worst service. Actually no service. We had to ask for everything multiple times after placing the order.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by The Coffee Addict Aiyappa

After eating a traditional Tamilnadu Dinner the previous night, and treating myself to a typical Chennai breakfast and lunch during the day I wanted to try something unique for dinner. Hence walked into Yakiniku, the Japanese restaurant at the Hyatt. I was greeted with a smile and I noticed the ambience was minimalistic, but with a sense of calm. The subtle decorations and lighting was a welcome change after a long and tiring day. As I was checking their menu, I was handed some hot tea. At times I prefer to sip the traditional Chinese/Japanese tea infused with herbs so enjoyed it. I wanted a soup and a main course. They suggested I have the Miso soup of the day. With earthly flavors of seaweed and hints of dry sardines, I found the soup soothing and appetizing. For the main course I had the Yakiniku Don, pork. It was a large bowl of rice, strips of pork and a sauce that went very well with it. It tasted nice, the pork well cooked and quite filling. For desserts I ordered Coffee Jelly. While I liked the way it looked with the ripe figs and sweetened cream on the top, the actual coffee jelly was unsweetened Espresso/Coffee decoction and gelatin. I love my coffee bitter and mildly sweet, but this one way too intense for me even for a second spoon. I have eaten coffee jelly before and if it isn’t at least mildly sweet, it is just isn’t a dessert. When I said this, Dipin, their staff who attended at that moment replaced that with a little chocolate mousse on the house! The staff were polite, courteous and friendly. Food was served quickly and as I said, they sought feedback and did something to enhance the experience right away. At about 1200 rupees for what I ate, found the place to be value for money for the food, the ambience, service and the location.


Rated 4.0 by Snowie

Would like to start with points which disappoint me!! Ac not in working conditions, Very less varieties of fishes.. really disappointed by the variety of fish😞😞😞!! service was good.. Food 2/5 Food Variety 1/5 Ambience 2/5 Service 4/5.....