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WOW! Momo Reviews and Ratings - Manapakkam, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by Shyam Sundar

This review is actually of the outlet inside Chennai International Airport departure hall near gate 18. Cool small outlet for good range of momos to try as snack, from steamed to pan fried. The combo offer is great, but if water was available in lieu to coke option. Not bad for the price, considering overpriced airport snacks. Taste was great and filling. One downside is the lack of staff so was the effectiveness to serve all, but the solo guy does his best to manage cash counter and the cooking, he’s certainly super effective and courteous. Minimum two personnel would be ideal for better customer experience, as could see a bit long and slow moving que.


Rated 1.0 by Karthick C R

First time had a green apple mojito without lemon slices and mint leaves in it and it was sour in taste wow momos lost it's taste nowdays not value for the money.


Rated 4.0 by Ajay N

Worth First attempt !! This is my first time experience with the popular momos and it happened to be at this outlet. Since I work at DLF Chennai I came to know about this place and got a chance to dine in this week. My first order were Chicken noodles combo where the noodle would be veg and momos would be chicken with 3 sausy flavours and 3 deep fried ones. Taste: Neat. I enjoyed the taste of momos both in sausy and deep fried style. Only thing which bothered me was the noodles. It was too spicy to handle. *Kannla thanni Vara moment* because of the spiciness. This one will costs you around 220 bucks. Second time: This time went for chicken moburger combo. They provide you a burger with two deep fried momos as the patty along with 5 pcs of deep fried momos. This is the best I had encountered in this outlet. I liked the momo as patty instead of the usual ones. Tasted good with the burger. Must try combo I would say. This is cheaper than the previous where this costs you around 160 bucks. If you happen to be in DLF Chennai do visit this place and enjoy the momos ☺️ They have other branch at Vadapalani incase if you can't able to reach here.


Rated 4.0 by Prem Chand

Inside a packed DLF IT park & at the entrance of a common block, no wonder this Wow Momo has the most footfalls almost every week day. They have been serving some really good momo's for years now and even after repeated visits, I haven't had any disappointments. My favorite is their PAN FRIED SCHEZWAN CHICKEN MOMO at 130 ₹ which does comes with a superb crisp outer portion, spicy fluffy inside and a finely cut tender pieces of Chicken. Their normal CHICKEN MOMO is good as well with one spicy chilli dip & another decent pudhina chutney dip. Apart from momo's, their THUKPA, a noodle soup bowl is a good order especially during cold or sore throat. At 105 ₹, I felt the quantity of noodles was little less in the soup. CHICKEN SIZZLER MOMO is a really worth order for 2 people since it does comes up with a good quantity of plain yet flavorful sizzling noodles, 3 pan fried & 3 normal chicken momo's with dips as well. VEG BURGER was pretty average, the bun was little chewy. CHOCOLATE MOMO was super textured with loads of chocolate syrup, have a piece and it definitely melts in the mouth. Haven't had a better chocolate momo anywhere else. Would actually loved to have.  Self serviced outlet without much delay in the orders, compact and neat place with staffs cleaning then and there, so no complaints whatsover.  Overall - So it's definitely worth for a proper dinner at the cost for two at 400 ₹max, but if suppose for an evening snacks for their momo, I feel Normal Veg Momo at 90 ₹ is bit expensive. Could've been at least 20 ₹ less compared to chicken at least. Nevertheless they've created a momo name for themselves and as long as they do the taste part well, it is certainly WOW. !


Rated 4.0 by Ramesh Parthasarathy

You will say WOW after having Momo's and especially chicken Moburg here.. My all time favorite is fish Momo. Chocolate Momo was also great. Spicy chutney was great. You ll have lots of cooking varities here like steamed, fried, saucy etc. And most important they are selling water bottle for 10rs (as MRP)... Enjoy d food...