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WelcomCafe Marina - Welcom Hotel

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Phone no. - +91 044 28110101, 044 33011562


Cost for two - 1,500


Chinese, Continental, Indian Sweets

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WelcomCafe Marina - Welcom Hotel, Alwarpet, Chennai

About WelcomCafe Marina - Welcom Hotel

Welcom Hotel, Chennai is a five-star luxury hotel and WelcomCafe Marina located in the hotel is sure to become your own favourite cafe. The 24 hour multi-cuisine restaurant serves a wide range of delectables from across the world right from the Oriental  to the Continental, they also have generous sprinkling of Indian ...


Chinese, Continental, Indian Sweets



10, Cathedral Road, Alwarpet, Chennai

Phone no.

+91 044 28110101, 044 33011562

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Cost for two - 1,500

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  • Serves - Serves Non Veg, Halal
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Rated 5.0 by Madras Eats

We were here last Sunday to experience their Sunday "brunch." Strictly speaking since this brunch runs from 12 pm to 3 pm, it's quite a late brunch. Anyway this was an invited event that we got to try on-the-house. Here's an account of the experience. Firstly the details of this buffet: It's a full elaborate Continental/Indian/Chinese buffet which happens in the WelcomCafe Marina, the restaurant but there's also complete access to the pool during the hours of the brunch (12-3) as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks being served poolside and in the restaurant as well! They served imported brands like Absolut vodka, Bombay Sapphire gin, Barcardi black rum and 100 Pipers whiskey. Also KF Blue beer pints. The alcohol included brunch comes at just 1560 which is a great deal for all this we felt. So bring your swimwear if you're planning to enjoy the pool during this brunch but plan your time so you have time left for eating the huge brunch too! First off we entered the pool side which is next to the bar area. They've setup a BBQ and Chaat stall and also a Cocktail and Mocktail stand for those who wish to snack while they have a swim around!  While we didn't plan to swim, we hung around near the poolside to try the BBQ and Chaat items and cocktails. There was a Chicken malai tikka that had thin delectable slices perfectly marinated and topped with chaat masala I think. Superb. The paneer tikka they served us was pretty much perfect because of its tender yet lightly firm consistency. Then the chaat items were tried. Some opted for Paani puris while I ordered a bhel puri which was made for me with some nice dahi added. Good enough for a poolside eat! They had some nice compact thick shelled samosas which were also eaten happily with abandon. You can ask them to rustle up any kind of Chaat item you wish and they are happy to do that for you! Some of us had Mocktails while I tried the Barcardi black, Bombay Sapphire with just ice cubes since I didn't want to decimate myself with cocktails just yet! :D You're free to ask them for any cocktail that uses the imported drinks that come under the package.  Ambiance Once we were a little full at the poolside BBQ (due to the excellent food mainly) we headed to the Marina Cafe which is the main restaurant at this hotel. It's a typical comfy restaurant setting with the buffet items laid out along the periphery of the room while there was a central Salad section which you shouldn't overlook too! There were about 50 items in total so this is quite a huge spread and all of them were well-made and tasty in my opinion. Will give you a short account of what I enjoyed in this buffet. There was an elderly gentleman playing the guitar skillfully while singing songs impromptu for some light entertainment. He also sang a nice birthday song for another table of customers. Salads: Usually I skip salads since I'm just not a salad person but with a mind to improve my diet, I gave this a shot and it was very interesting and impressive indeed. There was a cheese and mango based item which was amazing. A bite comprising perfectly sweet scoop of mango pulp on a bed of cheese. The complimenting flavors and textures were just great to start the meal off. Then there was a Melon and ham wrap, an egg salad, a chicken one and also baguettes with veg, chicken and fish cutlets respectively. All of them were tasted and quite impressive.  Skewer station There's a grilling station that lets you order seafood like huge prawns, chicken etc! Someone from our gang had already got a plate of huge prawns which were nicely done without too much marinade etc. Chicken grilled with sauces of your preference is also an option. Items in the Buffet line-up So this buffet had pretty much everything. Key items from major cuisines were present and the Indian cuisines were well represented for a buffet. There was Jackfruit biriyani, Mutton biriyani (Hyderabadi style). Then there was the Daal preparation which this hotel was renowned for when the hotel was named Chola Sheraton. A nice Kofta curry, naan breads, a piping hot vegetable curry with potatoes n bengal gram. Spice levels were medium for all the dishes and nothing was too extreme.  Kerala section There was a special stall that churned out appams with Madras egg curry, Chicken and vegetable coconut based stews and Korma! Fried station There was a station offering up some fried options like Cauliflower fried, paneer cubes lightly fried with a thin batter etc.  Chinese section: The Indo Chinese section had sliced lamb curry, noodles and more. Tasted good. Pasta section: The frying station was also able to prepare fresh pasta if you wished. Didn't get to try it since i was very full by then. English section: This section had few nice dishes, Boston bake, Shepards pie whihc is lamb mince with mashed potatoes baked. Tried the pie which was great. There were also roast jacket potatoes. Perfect for someone with continental tastes! Mildly flavored these were of course. Cooked Seafood Display section There was a lit up section which had a mixed preparation of Calamari, fish and small prawns all prepared in the same marinade which was quite red in color. The preparation was different and tasty. Reminded me of a milder version of goan flavors. This isn't the entire spread. I've only mentioned a subsection of all the items in the buffet! Desserts There was a good spread in the dessert section as well. With a nice chocolate cake to start things off and mango mousse, peanut butter topped cake pieces and even laddoo everything was nicely done again. Loved the ladoo especially. There was an impressive looking dessert known as the Croquembouche which is choux pastry balls filled with vanilla and chocolate cream and held in place by orange flavored melted sugar! A fellow blogger commented it was the first time he'd seen it anywhere. I cut out a few choux balls and tried it. It was very nice indeed and tasted almost as good as it looked. There was also warm gulab jamuns and ice creams on offer but by this time we were almost bursting with food and drink and had to stop!  Service: Excellent for the most part but since this was invited event this doesn't mean much but the other customers seemed to be well-taken care of. Service is good here I feel. Disclaimer: This is an excellent buffet with pretty much the best value brunch in the city provided the hotel offers the same quality and lineup of food and drinks that were offered to us bloggers during this invited event. With the combo of unlimited drinks n pool access this is an real must try especially for groups of friends and family. They plan to raise prices so try it sooner than later.

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