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US 101 - Be-A-Sport

Anna Salai Road, T Nagar
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US 101 - Be-A-Sport Reviews and Ratings - T Nagar, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by Suresh

Amazing place.. DJ is Awesome.. Trippy music A Must visit place for music lovers. Food is also good drinks are also cheap as consider to the bar which are nearby. So overall if you are looking for place to sit and chill with good music this is the place for you guys! The staff and service is too good. *Note: Saturday ppl were dancing all night and even they posted in live, The below someone gave review was irrelevant i found.


Rated 3.0 by Flora

I went to this Club on this Saturday and had a very bad experience. The food is good and the ambience was also decent. The music was very bad. I've never had a past experience like the one I had yesterday. The music stopped in between the tracks and at other times. There was no correlation between the tracks and The music spoiled everything for me and my friends. Other than that courteous service was one good thing about the place!


Rated 5.0 by Nitin Ghanesh

US 101 was on my list of restaurants that I should try out for years. And it did not disappoint me for sure. The sports theme was so good. I went here twice. Both were around evening. At that time, it was so calm and peaceful. Not much people were there. It was really good. My crew and i had a good time talking and having a few drinks. We went there to get a few drinks. I got myself a mocktail that had blue curacao and lychee blended with vanilla icecream. Both the domestic and international liquor were served in a pleasing way. The chicken 65 was amazing. It was so good, we ordered 4 plates. The fish and chips were really soft and perfect. The hospitality was so good. Sports lovers will enjoy this place. It had a snooker table too. Food - 5 on 5 Hospitality - 5 on 5 Ambience - 5 on 5 Cost - 4.5 on 5 Drinks - 4.5 on 5 Overall - 4.5 on 5


Rated 4.0 by Siddharth Chandan

US 101 is a great place to hang out with your friends if u r planning to watch a live match and have some real good food and drinks ! All matches are screened live in a big screen and on other times there’s a live dj going to keep u up ! Ambience : Has an energetic feel ! With the wall Murals of celebrated foot ballers , it’s a place not to be missed by sport enthusiasts! Food : achari fish tikka : was a perfectly cooked and grilled fish fillets , was spicy and delicious ! Chicken stronganoff with buttered herb rice : a perfect, heavenly combo !! Drinks : classic whiskey sour ! - absolutely perfect ! It has a full bar with plenty of options to choose from! The bar captain Senthil Just made a perfect cocktail to please my likings ! On the whole a wonderful experience ! Pricing : decent !


Rated 4.0 by Saravanan Venkateswaran

Heard a lot about this excelled sports themed resto bar and on a fine Sunday me along with my friends set course to taste and try out some of their dishes and drinks. Almost ordered most of their starters 😜😜 * Presentation Aroma and the dish presentation were very refreshing and the dishes looked absolutely mouth watering. One thing that was very impressive was the dish presented were almost near perfection to the pics in the food menu card and that was really very good. The dishes kind of sets us to good mood. * Taste When comes to taste I loved all the dishes that we have ordered and there were no such dishes which let us down on the expectations and the delivery of the dishes were really so quick. * Texture The cooking process was good and the way the dishes were treated is very appreciable. All the dishes looked and tasted delicious. *Gaming area They have a pool table and a fooseball table and it is free for the customers to play. Lots of interesting stuffs about sports were all around the places. *Ambience Dim lights and music were so good felt like night on mid of the day. Evening they have DJ nights and dancing floor which is very electrifying. They also have a separate place to smoke which is really a good thought. This place is a great choice if ur planning for a live game as they have some big screens and It would be very nice to have some drinks and snacks to relish. Over all I am so happy that I get to eat some amazing dishes, spend some quality time with my friends. I would definitely recommend all my friends to try this place out.