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St. Mary's Road, Mylapore
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Tasty Tongue Reviews and Ratings - Mylapore, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by Raunak

rice pizza was damn tasty..... one must try it...... fries were also tasty


Rated 5.0 by Saravanan Shankar

This is the second time I'm being to this place. This time I feel better in all kind of aspect, service wise as well as food wise(both quality and quantity ) Food that i ordered, 1. Ziz zag fries 2. Spicy corn cheese pizza 3. Mewa flooda 4. Garlic bread Ziz zag fries as name suggest it was ziz zag in shape. The taste was really good. They served with a small cup of ketchup which is enough for those fries. The quantity was good. They served quick and hot. Spicy corn cheese pizza - The shape of this will never looks like pizza(for my knowledge) but the taste was excellent. Correct amount of spice. Usually pizza won't be good to have if it is not hot but this one is exception. Mewa flooda - This is ultimate. Actually i tasted it once and rest of the flooda was eaten by my friend. This contains dry fruit and jelly. Garlic bread - This is simple and good with a small decoration. Overall worth the money.


Rated 2.0 by Rajesh Ranade

I paid extra for dip they sent me ketchup sachet. nonsense . CHEATS.


Rated 5.0 by Hemasundar

am so glad I got a chance to try this place today and now I am hooked!  Food is so tasty and fresh! The best Hainan chicken in LA and much better than Savoy ( I have been their loyal customer for over 10 years and let me tell you TASTY FOOD is much much better) I got to try both fried hainan chicken and regular hainan chicken and I LOVE both! It will be great if you can go with a buddy and order both so you get to try  half and half. And that's what we did today. The customer service is great even though it's just inside the food court, we really didn't expect this type of food and this kind of service at the location. Good job Team Tasty Food, you guys deserve this name! I will be back soon, very soon... like tomorrow.. lol


Rated 3.0 by Prasanna B

Tasty Tongue - Keep your Tongue in. The reason why I said "Keep your Tongue in" coz you may use it often to say "Bhaiya! Order kither ke?? It's so late"..! I was extremely disappointed with the service as they took 35 minutes to have our order prepared and served at our table. We were the only customers in the shop this evening and still such a WAITING TIME. So, we ordered the following! #Club Masala Sandwich I'm not sure if these guys know what's a club sandwich means but what we got was a normal sandwich claiming it to be a "Club". Dear Tasty Tongue, a club sandwich means a three layer of bread with 2 layers of stuffings. What I was served was one layer of stuffings between a bread slice. The taste was good but it wasn't a club 😏 #White Cream Pasta The Pasta was delicious but quite of desi style and not Italian. I loved Pasta ❤️ #Oreo Shake This was only Oreo. Pure Orea and milk which will be loved by Oreo lovers. My friend loved this one. It was super thick shake❤️ #Ginger Tea I doubt this. Tea wasn't good. It smelled more of milk than tea flavour. I had a sip and left it off. I did not feel like drinking. More of tea flavour should be added. The owner was courteous enough to accept our feedback and he did not bill the sandwich and tea. This is a newly opened shop and I hope they will improve over the time. All the best to the team and I request you to highly concentrate on time management and please don't make your customers wait.