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Tanjavur military hotel

Park Town
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Tanjavur military hotel Reviews and Ratings - Park Town, Chennai


Rated 1.0 by Praveen R

Went to this place after coming across many positive reviews in the social media Reached their @ 7pm to pick up the food . Went their after knowing that place will be small and the ambiance etc..... Ordered for 3 mutton briyanis and one mutton curry dosa Mutton curry dosa is In-between ok and good . They have tried to replicate from South TN and they are fairly done that .The gravy what they have given is too watery and not tasted good Mutton briyani or pulav what ever you call..... Hygiene is a great question mark , The person who has packed the food not even bothered to notice and avoid his sweat from falling in one of the parcel ( I believe that this will be a regular happening after considering the very small cramped location. I wasted that particular pack after noticing this ) When tasted other packs , it's a very normal taste I am sure that the briyanis what we get from a normal villege hotel will be better than this . It tastes like a tomato rice with mutton pieces Considering the ambiance and taste the pricing is on higher side Not worth the time , travel etc....... In my view


Rated 1.0 by Balamurugan Vellaichamy

Worst hotel. No taste at all. It may be worth earlier but not now a days today I bought food. Not at. All worth. I decided not to go ever here. One more thing not more than 5 people sit in the hotel. No card accepted.


Rated 1.0 by Sowmya Sowmy

I went to the place knowing the ambience would be like this and that...,,,, so the small conjested space with just 7 seating is not a shock for me..,, I expected too much on the taste...,,, but I was totally disappointed...,,, no taste at all in the foods I tried...,,, mutton briyani tastes like a cinnamon pullavu...,, 150 rps worthless ,, it’s just a yellow coloured rice with half cooked and hardened mutton...,,, mutton kari dosa charged 140 rps,, it’s not a dosa, its a uthappam that too semi cooked, could feel the batter while eating & hard non spicy mutton gravy furnished on the top of that, finally prawn fry,, tasteless no salt no spice nothing , was charged 410 rupees for this ..,, worthless for money...,,, I was really shocked how famous personalities and other people comes here for this food...,,, only thing is it’s a ancient mess still cooking by charcoal ...,,, overall experience: I was disappointed and felt bad


Rated 4.0 by Rithesh Krish

Super hotel taste awesome but ambience is worst they need to improve take away is the best option even director shankar came to this hotel but should try Martin biriyani prawn fry and dosa with salana. Is awesome and mind blowing with the spicy food should everyone try. The traditional masala of tamilnadu is shown here in every food.


Rated 3.0 by Manickavel M

Biryani is very average, I hate the side dish . The ambiance is too worst .the rate is too much high for that quantity(150). Waiting to taste the Kari dosai