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Sub C Reviews and Ratings - Karappakkam, Chennai

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Satish Joseph

With 'Col-Sub' now closed, this is strangely the only 'Subwayish' outlet available in the whole of Okkiam-Thoraipakkam area. The sandwiches are good, but priced on par with subway outlets. Considering that it's only a stall, they can reduce the pricing and I'm sure more people will eat from here.


Rated 3.0 by Vishvaroop

Went with my wife last weekend. Ordered a vegetarian sub. The Patty was not cooked properly and the pricing? Whoaa.. more than Subway. The shop is located in OMR Food Street, Navalur and the pricing is as high as in a high class dine-in restaurant.. Food was good in another stall but I must say..Street food at such high prices is highly disappointing.


Rated 2.5 by Anirudh Khanna

Soggy bread, not-so-fresh vegetables and a meagre amount of chicken is what constituted the sub that I had here. Neither will I be going again nor would I recommend this place to anyone.


Rated 2.5 by Swithin Abner

Lazy staff, Average Subs but Expensive Subs in a big hall where AC doesn't work.! simply opt for a Subway if it is available anywhere near by.!


Rated 1.0 by Priyanka Mehetre

I ordered 3 subs and 2 of them had stale breads used. The moment you take a bite the bread started peeling off. Very disappointed with the quality delivered