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Sri Krishna Sweets Reviews and Ratings - Besant Nagar, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Kothandaraman Swaminathan

It's a small outlet. About 15-20 can dine at a time. I was wondering if I had made a mistake of walking in, for some evening snacks. It turned out to be the opposite. Each item was prepared hot and served fresh. Very tasty. Ended up with a Cuppa (coffee). First up was Vada Pav - served with a mint chutney and a small mellagai-bajji the VP melted in the mouth. Next was Pav Bhaji. This one didn't have the usual extra buttered paav and looked dry. But the Pav and Bhaji were very tasty. Bhel Puri - Another item that was very good. Crispy and tasty. Dahi Pappdi Chat - Tasted very good. Aloo Bonda - 3 hot Bondas with 3 types of chutneys and sambar - this was quite filling and bliss. We watered all these with coffee that was good but wasn't hot by my standards (you see, the straight from the stove standard ;-) ) All in all it was worth the visit and my purse. Note: The wash area and restroom could be better maintained. Deepa Kothandaraman

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Javid Z

Good place for breakfast and coffee. I have been here many times and had a decent experience, on every visit. The place is calm and not over crowded. The food is served on time. The menu is limited, and it is the only concern. Pricing is the same, as many other vegetarian restaurants. They even have some varities to try for in the evenings, like pizzas and organic dosas. It's easy to locate this place without any issues.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Vaishnavi Sivakumar

Come on what does when remember when you say ' nei (ghee) mysore paak? Obviously everybody will shout ' Sri Krishna sweets' in unison ! You can taste the purest ghee here, like nowhere else ! My most favorite sweet from this joint! I strongly recommend to try this when(ever) you check in ! Bottom line - only stop to satisfy that Indian sweet tooth of yours !


Rated 1.0 by Sandhya Sridhar

Horrible never make a mistake going to this place to eat anything it's tasteless and waste of money ...Gokulam are the ones who supply the food you guys are the worst


Rated 1.0 by Naresh Balaji

I just wasted my money on a food after a very long time. Totally depressing that why SKS's quality has reached its very low level. I remember the days I used to have very good ghee roast at your purasaiwalkam outlet. With hot sambhar and 2,3 types of fresh chutney. Thinking of that I took my mom along with me to your place. Ordered 2 plates of sambhar vadai. Extremely disappointed to find just sambhar over vadai. There are restaurants in city which offers fully soaked vadai. But at your place., it was just sambhar with vadai. Even the water of the dhal(can't call it as sambhar as it was merely pastey mass with some cut vegetables. NO AROMA, NO TASTE, NO SPICE, NO ANY INGREDIENT TO CONSIDER IT AS SAMBHAR) hasn't entered the vadai to make it soft. just waste of money 140 bucks gone..!!!!