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Sree Agarwal Bhojanaalay

Park Town
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Sree Agarwal Bhojanaalay Reviews and Ratings - Park Town, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by The Food Fella

Location and Ambience : Love North Indian, rajastani authentic food, then try this little place out in the buzzy streets of mint. Located near the road at the junction between mint, wall tax road and Broadway, The Sree Agarwal bhonanaalay is a small restaurant within the lanes. It's always full and the people believe in finishing everything on your plate before you leave the place. Food : They serve normal as well as specially thali. We ordered the special thali, which contains roti, Missi roti, baati(with ghee and jaggery),3 sabjeez ,paneer,salad(mainly onions and cucumber), khadi(which is mainly like a Kerala pulishery,made from turmeric),curd and one peice of gulab Jamun. And it gets better, the food is unlimited. Apart from the gulab Jamun, everything else keeps coming,on one condition...Make sure you finish all the food on your plate!! The place is a good option to have good rajastani food as well as to fill up your tummies. Thefoodfella rating : 3.2/5


Rated 3.0 by Priya

Pocket friendly Place and food was really good. But if you're a tamilian and doesn't know Hindi you gonna struggle a little there. And before entering into the place make yourself clear what to order and what not to. Coz it'll help in not ending up in confusion. Overall quality of food was good and worth a try.


Rated 4.0 by Aditya Bose

This place serves vegeterian marwari thali at very low price. The food quality out here is awesome. They serve mainly two types of thalis one is of Rs.160 and another is of Rs.200. The later one contains more options. The thali includes dal, 3 vegetables,salad,papad,curd,unlimited rice and roti,bati,gulab jamun,aam raas and indian condiments. The best part of this place is the service, you will feel that you being served food at home. Loved their gesture.


Rated 5.0 by ASHWIN J BALIGA

One of my friend, told me to try out food at this place. It was too good. A typical "Ghar Ka Khana". The only drawback is that they accept only cash 😃 looking forward to visit again


Rated 4.0 by Srija Srini

The best unlimited north Indian food in chennai according to me. Just love the taste, ambience everything here is a bliss. The way they keep serving rotis without any hesitation makes me eat more and more. Will recommend everyone I know to try this place . Rating 5000/5