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Southern Aromas - The Residency Towers

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Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar
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Southern Aromas - The Residency Towers Reviews and Ratings - T Nagar, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Allwyn Jose

Prefect alternative to DAKSHIN in Chennai. Typical south Indian restaurant that serves a hearty thali of local cusinine. I ordered a Non-veg thali, Kadala Curry and paratha. Thali is unlimited and perfect for a person. Chicken 65 is very good, infact the best I have ever tasted. Fish fry is perfect. Hospitality is top notch. You can also use Zomato Gold here.


Rated 5.0 by Jayashree

Authentic south indian food is served here.......if you want to have full south indian meals you need to head here to experience it........the food is so yummy..........unlimited meals........the ambiance also gives you an aesthetic feeling........we went here for team lunch and everyone of us loved the food served here.......cost is ok for this rich experience........over all we had a good meal here........


Rated 4.0 by Madras Eats

Right now there's a Kuttanadan Food festival and the writeup is for the Kerala food we tried. Southern Aromas is the restaurant serving all variants of South indian food at Residency towers. While Residency is known for its buffet at Main Street and Bike and Barrel, this one has been quietly operating for years. Was here last night on an invite and here's my opinion on the food that was served dish-by-dish.  Ambiance Loved the ambiance here. Quiet with the low soothing Live Indian music being played by a musician duo. Southern Aromas is styled like a Southern ancestral home, the kind found in villages and it definitely looks and feels authentic. The quiet ambiance is perfect for coming with family and close friends to eat some traditional food. Also the staff is dressed in the traditional Kerala attire which adds to the authenticity.  Juices Opted for the Watermelon juice. They also have tender coconut water which can be ordered anytime.  Food Starters We were served a small tasting portion of the below to sample: Fish fry, Prawn, Squid - all fried coated in masala, not too much coconut oil. The prawn was nicely done with a medium spicy masala. The fish fry had more masala n felt it was slightly higher in salt. While the squid was cooked to the right extent and had a similar medium spicy masala. Main Course: Accompaniments They have Appams, Kal Appam, Idiappam, Parotta, Red Rice, Rice and Tapioca Puzhukku as accompaniments. Out of the accompaniments the Appam was the best, made well. We asked for more of them. Next I liked the Kal appam and idiappam which was fresh. Parotta needs to be more soft n flaky I feel. Chicken Gravy Out of the meat gravies I loved the thick Chicken gravy the best. It had a thick masala, low on coconut flavor and contained plenty of tender boneless chicken pieces.  Beef Gravy This was made from tender veal meat and I liked it next after the Chicken gravy. With a mild base (coconut milk added) it was more like a kurma. Goes well with any item including rice as per my taste. Beef dry roast This was a dry roasted spice coated beef gravy and would go well with any rice n gravy or just by itself. The beef was tender tho masala have been more savory I felt. Desserts They had four dessert items in the menu out of which 2 were brought in initially. Then two more.  Karikku Pudding: Tender coconut pudding: This was lovely, easily the best dessert of the night and something I've not had often. The coconut based layer reminded me of mousse tasting of virgin coconut oil which has a great mild flavor. Topped with a candied coconut slice it was perfect.  Wattalappam: Jaggery coconut custard: Another lovely dessert. The custard was thick and made from jaggery along with a juicy layer of caramel sauce on the bottom which added sweetness if needed. Nice Keralan version of custard pudding.  Pazham Nirachhattu (Banana stuffed n fried): This is a classic Kerala snack / dessert. Low on sugar with some sweet coconut filled in and fried with a crunchy outer layer it was pretty good with nice crunchiness.  Chakka Ada: It was good tasting but quite firm to bite into. Didn't enjoy it much hence. Not sure if that's how its supposed to me. Low on sugar though. All in all, there are some really good dishes in there as mentioned above. Some of them need improvement like Parotta but overall its definitely worth a visit.


Rated 4.0 by Rajiv Shankar

Southern Aromas is characterised by an ambiance that reeks tradition and heritage. The set up is done really well invoking a lovely laid back home style feel and it has enough ammunition to transport you to good ol Kerala with the thatched roofs, cane chair seatings, wall arts and artifacts. It gives the impression of a vintage feel and it does not look out of place one bit. The cuisine is largely South Indian bordering more towards the down South belts where spice takes a major backing. Presently, they are showcasing a festival called the Kuttanadan food festival to experience the culinary spicy treats from God's own country of Kerala. This is a specially curated menu for a limited time frame to bring the best of Kerala's cuisine in all it's splendour. Being a vegetarian, I was a little hard done by as the options were a little limited but whatever was served seemed quite impressive. The vazhapoo cutlet was crunchy and nice filled with interesting stuffings. Spicy tarts had a lovely crispy layer with toppings and the raw mango salad wad ideal to cool oneself. There was also one more exclusive peas based starter which was stir fried and minced with cashews which proved to be an ideal starter to munch. On the main course section, I had a shot at Idiappam, Aapam and parotha. Ulli Theeyal comprising of round onions in a spicy gravy and veg stew with a mix of vegetables were the accompaniments and they went along really well as sides. We ended with desserts in the form of Pazham Nirachathu (kerala banana fritters), chakka ada - a jackfruit based dumplings, Wattalappam - a famous Kerala jaggery custard made of coconut and karikku pudding made of tender coconut. All of them were very good especially the tender coconut pudding which was totally slurpy and drool worthy. The prices are more reflective of star property based restaurants. The service was warm and friendly. The pace of bringing items to the table could be spruced up a bit. This is an ideal restaurant for southern cuisine lovers and if you're fond of spicy Kerala cuisine, this is probably the best time to visit this restaurant as you will be loaded with great choices.


Rated 5.0 by Yazhini Varman

Just awesome. Very good food and very good service. Cool ambience. Very filling. Don't go if you're not a foodie. Watch your wallet. You know what I mean!