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Skyloft - Feathers - A Radha Hotel

nb 4.3 / 5
Mount Poonamalle High Road, Manapakkam
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Skyloft - Feathers - A Radha Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Manapakkam, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by Arati Mishra

Scoring hundred marks for ambience and view from the rooftop, this place is literally the place to be with ur loved ones. A peaceful evening, enjoying the light breeze at the top and the beautiful view of the sky above. You get greeted at the entrance everytime with enquiry about the details of your booking, even though the place is mostly empty. The hostess are quite polite and trained. However the place is a big let down in terms of what they serve and how they serve. You have to choose from about only 10 starters( little exaggeration, may be 15). Limited drinks menu. Absolutely not the place to order fancy mocktails. Also be prepared to get your orders delayed. I have been there like 5 times now due to the proximity from my home and the ambience, of course and have ever enjoyed the food. Portions are minimal and mostly after waiting for what seems like forever, u might get a cold meal. But if you have patience to ask for getting it heated or changed, the waiters don't mind complying. Overall, Menu Options: 2/5 Food : 2/5 Ambience: 4/5 ( minus one for mosquitoes and bugs) Happy munching to all :)


Rated 4.0 by Naveenspillai

went in for a late round of beers with few friends on sun night..the first thing that strikes you is the spreadout seating and the uncluttered spaces..ideal for a quiet drink with family n friends. helpful n attentive staff..good spread of indian n foreign brands..n appetizers..the chilli chicken was a touch spicy though..the good view ..the breeze n the overall the hightlight..ideal place to watch ipl too


Rated 3.0 by Anu Varghese

Nice place to spend an evening with your loved one with a panoramic view of Chennai city. Apart from the city view not so great fan of the food or the cocktails tasted average. Funny bit: Mosquitoes are not so welcoming on the rooftop, be ready with a long dress or make sure you wearing a pants not shorts.😀


Rated 2.5 by Jayaram Rao

Now here's a location with a lot of potential. Skyloft is a large rooftop bar at the Feathers Hotel, one of few in Chennai. The views you get from here are not exactly incredible, given its located not far from the airport and you can't see much at night. The seating seems well planned too.  Except when I had visited, the property couldn't serve alcohol due to the highway ban at the time. And it was empty that night (why wouldn't it be?). I just sat there a while enjoying the breeze, and had a mocktail.  I may bump the rating if I ever visit again, and the place is more lively.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Kasturi Ramanathan

Chennai does not boast of places with an impressive rooftop experience. Hence, finding a place that is only a fitting complement for Chennai's sea-breeze is a relief! Welcome to Skyloft - with an impressive casual-yet-classic ambiance that overlooks the trafficky roads of Porur and is slightly away from the flight path - giving you a chance to gawk at the traffic below and amuse yourself with the aeroplanes. I guess this would be the very first restaurant I have picked to visit without reading their menu card. Was certainly in for a lot of surprises - both the good and bad. For one : Unlike Zomato's classification of them being a casual dining forum that serves Asian and continental food - I would put them into the fine-dining bucket that serves Finger Food (mostly Fusion along with a lot of regular Indian classics). Definitely no Asian. Here's what we ordered : - Smashed Berry Mocktail : The only mocktail that seemed to fit my taste-bud's cranky preferences. Though some of my family found it too sweet for their taste, I was content with this replacement for water. - Cauliflowe Chestnut Manchurian - Chestnut fans ought to order this with caution. The Waterchestnuts are minced and mixed into the batter. Hence, this was more like a typical Gobi Manchurian. No complaints about the taste, though. - Veg Rolls : We had initially provided a feedback that the crust was thick - to which the chef himself took the pain of explaining that they do this intentionally - the rolls are first deep fried and then the rolls are wrapped in bread crumbs and fried again. - Corn and Spinach cakes - a good buy. The regular fritters that melted in the mouth. - Chilli Chicken - a usual Indo-Chinese dish that stays a classic. Great one, taste wise. - Chicken Lollipops - Loved the cheesy flavour. - Chermoula Prawns. I could go on about this for ages. The best dish that night. Tender Jumbo prawns marinated and grilled to perfection. The Chermoula seasoning was spot on as well. - Japanese Mousse : Another very different dessert that appealed to us. A very berry affair that helped us end the meal on a good note. Here is one feedback that I have for the team : - Would have loved to see more non-alcholic beverages. They did not have the milkshakes and they had just five mocktails - for a place that serves a majority of finger-food, atleast their beverage options must be inclusive for the teetotaller folks like me. PS : I used a 50% coupon I found on another site - hence, I paid approx 2.5k for 4 people including taxes (original bill was almost 5K). PPS : I was informed that they are doing a huge make-over to their menu and their styles in March. So, let's hope they do a tad more justice to the amazing infrastructure they have! Bottomline : Chennai's pleasant February night breeze along with their food-offerings makes the place a killer deal for a quiet evening out with the beloved.