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Secret Society -Treebo J’s Five Two Boutique Hotel

RA Puram
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Secret Society -Treebo J’s Five Two Boutique Hotel Reviews and Ratings - RA Puram, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by Venkatesan Nagarajan

Went to this place after having heard a lot about it. Wasn't disappointed nor was it as worth the hype. Not the easiest place to find. But that's a given in the name. Ambience was very good. But the staff weren't so courteous. When I said I had booked a table they gave us bar stools saying for 2 people they dint have tables but there were other couples sitting on tables for 2. I had zomato gold but they said only part of the menu was included in zomato gold. Not sure if that's how gold works. If so then it's not really worth to take gold membership. The food was decent. Fries were great. Peri peri tempura was okish. Nothing so great. Pizza was good. But nothing mind blowing as I had expected. Overall a good experience but left a lot wanting.


Rated 1.0 by Greyhatnik

Not at all co operative. Misleading on phone calls. Do not make reservations. We travelled from Siruseri till here only to find that they don't have seats while a proper phone call was made


Rated 3.0 by Radhika Raghu

My friends and I went here on a Friday night and it was packed, no surprises there. Ambience: It's a bar in a basement area so it's accordingly dim lit. They have a large projector screen for game screenings. They have a decent amount of seating. The music is quite loud, the DJ was playing all the old English pop/EDM songs and it was nice since my friends and I were actually there for a farewell kinda thing. The DJ takes requests too, so that was nice. They have a little space to dance. It isn't an actually dancefloor but if you wish to, you can and nobody judges. Drinks: We ordered Margaritas and Kamikazes. The margarita tasted good but I feel it was not too potent. Kamikaze was good and was potent too. Food: We didn't have much, we had one pizza, shared by 4 of us and ordered one mocktail for a friend. She enjoyed her mocktail. The pizza was a little above average. It would've been nice if the thin crust was slightly crispier. Staff: We made a reservation for 8pm and arrived a little late. So 4 of us were seated in an 8 seater booth. But eventually we had to share space with another group because they couldn't clear a table for 4 and they had to seat this group as well. Maybe if we were on time, things would've been different. The waiters in general were polite and the manager there was nice too. Crowd: It was a mostly young crowd with few older people as well. No complaints here. Price: They had 50% off on the alcohol bill so I didn't have to use the Zomato gold. The drinks were decently priced, a cocktail cost Rs. 450 on average, shots 275/300. The bill came up to 2512 which I believe is fair.


Rated 3.0 by Vaasita Sinha

Although a tiny place, the decor and ambience is pretty good. So are the cocktails, and with Gold they're actually quite cost effective. We had 4 different drinks for 4 people and the bill was below 2k. However, the food is a big buzzkill. Over priced, limited, and actually quite low on quality. If you plan to go for a night out to this place, make sure you fill your tummies are already full. Would also like to add that we went on a Sunday evening and most of their starters were unavailable. Considering the already limited options, that was quite a let-down. If the food quality is rectified, this bar has one of the best cocktails in town.


Rated 3.0 by Antarleena Bera

As the name suggests it is indeed a Secret place to find. The place is located underground and will initially give you a feeling of going to some underground den of thugs! Jokes apart, it is certainly a bit claustrophobic. The interiors are dimly lit and has limited amount of space. There are mirrora on entirely one side of the wall. Coming to the food and drinks. We had : Secret Poison : It was one of their crafted codktails.It was thicker in consistency than expected for a vodka bases cocktail. It had a very pleasent sweet and sour flavour. I would really recommend it if you like pineapples. Cosmopolitan : A classic cocktail but here it was less tangier than other places I have had. Blueberry Barbequed Chicken wings : This was classic chicken wings with bluberry glaze on it. It was slightly tangy and went well with the cocktails. The place is quite small and prior booking is recommended. Certainly not a place to go on a date but with your group of friends! The staff were extremely courteous and well mannered. They heeded well to us. In absence of Zomato s 0.5 rating I had to settle with 3 else it's a 3.5 from my side.