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Science Kitchen Reviews and Ratings - Saligramam, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by The Dainty Hunter

This place is literally a heaven for food and science lovers. A science themed restaurant filled with facts and images about our galaxy. There is also a separate section where all science fiction books are stacked and you can read them while you enjoy your food. There is a Television at one corner which keeps playing about galaxies and wild life. Overall, the ambience is too good to enjoy a delicious meal. Speaking of food, those who are away from home and wanna taste something which is healthy and tastes exactly like home food, this is the place to be. The staffs were very courteous. Each table will have a clay pot and glasses made of clay and you will literally even enjoy having a sip of water here. Must try : * Missi Chapathi The chapathis were too soft and their kuruma was lip smacking * Chapathi chops Truly unique and it goes well with the Raitha * Vegetable Biriyani It was too yummy and tasted like a pure home made biriyani Only disadvantage for this restaurant is, it is located very interior and not many know that such place exist. Please do visit and boost them with your reviews. Such good places shouldnt go unnoticed. :)


Rated 4.0 by Sashidhar Ganesh

This is one unique place which serves very good delicacies. I have been here several times. Best part is the Veg/Mushroom Biriyani, Egg varieties. The only non-veg they serve is the Tuna Sandwich, rest all Veg and Egg. If you are an Eggitarian, this is the best place. Paneer Sandwich is awesome and 2 can share.


Rated 4.0 by Saycheese_in

Science Kitchen is a well-known restaurant in the trendy neighbourhood of Saligramam. This place is known to offer Traditional & Healthy Organic food in an ambience that resembles a Science Gallery kinda atmosphere with facts, scientific instruments, books and even voice overs narrating scientific stuffs. Science coupled with Traditional Organic food is different and definitely interesting in deed! I was wanting to visit this place for a long while and finally happened to dine here with my friend for an early lunch (brunch). Whether you are starving or just here to grab a quick bite, Science Kitchen is the perfect place to satiate your hunger with good and healthy food. Glancing through the menu card, this place has Eggetarian options to choose from. We started off with Tiffin Combo that included Egg Chapati with Kurma, Javvarisi Upma, Millet Pongal, Pasiparupu Dosai, Egg Uthappam and Mint Lime juice. Egg Chapati looked more like a simple and nutritious snack (of course due to egg), a perfect thing for brunch or lunch. It went well with Kurma served along with. Though Upma is a very popular and common breakfast food, it’s usually not to my liking and I tend to avoid on all possible occasions. Somehow, I tried Sago upma at Science kitchen and it was decent. Incorporating millets in our diet is very important and this millet Pongal is a yummy yet healthy alternative for the rice Pongal version. Pasiparupu Dosai and Egg Uthappam were neatly prepared and were good. It was quite an appetizing tiffin combo to have for brunch. I was having kinda sour throat and so decided to try some hot beverage. Ginger pepper milk is a soothing, warming and comforting drink to have. To finish things off, we had Organic laddu. I love Rava laddu and other versions prepared by my mom at home. This Organic Laddu is a mixture of various milled served in the form of laddu. It was a delight  Service was swift and they were all ears for our feedback. Pricing is definitely very pocket . I would highly recommended one to try this place for their tasty and health conscious food. You'll definitely leave with a smile on your face :D

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Karthika Kumari

Too costly. Spicy food is average. and the meal combo quantity is so less for the money. sweets dont even ask. eg is Varagarisi payasam. It was not even half tumbler and charged rs.50. taste also bad. Just some boiled varagu in jaggery. It was not even mixed. No single drop of milk. If you order they will have unusual packaging charges. Like a plastic tray for 12 to 19 rs.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sidharthan Kannan

Delicious food that you can cheat eat in the name of healthy! We ordered the boiled verkadalai, veg biryani, javvuarisi upma and bread halwa. The boiled verkadalai was what you'd expect. Decent fare. But very less quantity. You'd get it for 5 rupees beach side la! Veg biryani was served with raitha and was delish! It is not very spicy but had a lot of flavour. And there was home made feel to it that really added to the experience! My friend and I were divided on the javvuarisi upma. The upma would have been bland but there was this inspired addition of caramelized onions to it. To me the onions were the dish and the javvuarisi et al were just sides to make the flavour of the onions yummier. Bestu caramelized onions you can have ever 😍 Served with a good coconut chutney but I mostly ignored it because the onions were so yum. Quantity was less though! And finally the bread halwa. I love love love bread halwa in general and this was as good as it gets! I ordered two servings because it was just that good:D The service was also great and the ambience is nice too! They gave us a free sambar rice sampler that was also very good and home-like. Overall great experience. Flock to it, brethren!😊