Peters Road, Thousand Lights
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Rotticious Reviews and Ratings - Thousand Lights, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Kashfi H

Nice little place to have a quick burger or pizza. Neat and clean ambience. Some good choices of bread. Chocolate milk shake was good and the Margarita pizza was not bad either. Children liked it.


Rated 4.0 by Vinee Pradeepan

As our plans to meet for lunch was boxed, was a little grumpy. When you have friends who stuff their face with food all day, everyday. You don't need plans. Just jump , when you see a cafe. Bang opposite to #Satyam, the guys here are super sweet and their delicacies are easy on pocket. Their Coffee is to have a special mention. #Rotticious #Gluttony #Coffee #ChocoDonut #CakePops #FishFingers


Rated 4.0 by Varun Iyer

First Review after a long hiatus. Located right opposite "Satyam Cinemas"- hot spot of cinema lovers , is this mid sized cafe and bakery called "Rotticious". Polite and Friendly service. Simple and Neat Menu of food and beverage with Value for money deal. Had Ordered 1 Quatro Veg pizza 1 cookie treat milk shake 1 pomegranate Juice The Pizza 's base was a freshly made from refined flour dough, topped with tangy tomato and basil based base sauce and toppings of meat or vegetable you select in our case it was mushrooms, tomatoes onion's and capsicums, and cheese on top of it, pizza was delicious but a bit on the greasy side. (Side note - it was a 6" pizza and not 9") The cookie treat milkshake was served in a small mason jar and was totally worth the price. The Juice was very sugary and not quite what I expected. As I haven't tried their major produce (freshly baked puff pastry and dessert I am giving them 4/5 overall, will update after my second visit there. Thanks for taking time to read this review.


Rated 4.0 by Sai Narayan

Was here for a quick bite, loved their ambience and Milkshake! There are some places where I would go often just for their milkshake, this is one such place. Their bread and all bakery items were too good!!


Rated 2.0 by Avanthika

Very nice location, nice ambience but food not up to the mark!! We ordered juice and sandwich Juice was good Sandwich was ok Food:- ok Service:- ok Cost:- ok Ambience:- good