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Anna Nagar East
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Pantry d'or Reviews and Ratings - Anna Nagar East, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Eath_vth_me

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Rated 5.0 by Prashanth Monty

Pantry d’or is my favourite breakfast place in Anna Nagar especially after a night long shoot. Ambience & service are really good. I’ve been there since the beginning and their food quality has never declined. Not once. Which is all the more reason why should visit them.


Rated 5.0 by Yasvanth Krishns

I had wonder full service, I made so many changes after ordering but u guys didn't hesitate u welcomed it with smile.thanks for being so calm.✌️☮️....TO D CHEF THALA NEE VERA LEVEL...🙏


Rated 3.0 by Raja Selvam

Great ambience. Outdoor seating is good. Have been here several times before. Nice place to meet friends and chit chat. Food is also good but portions are super small. Like 310 for a breakfast that’s hardly filling. 😟 no value for money for the food.


Rated 4.0 by Rahul Nambiar

I like the cozy little ambience here. Smiling and courteous staff. I love the honey glazed chicken. Pastas are good.. but I feel the lamb lasagne could do with some more underlying tomato sauce, but it’s good tho! All in all great comfort food here with the Continental menu. Don’t miss the thick Pancakes - I thought batter they use is yummy !! If you like chocolate - do try the chocolate pancakes - they r one of the best I’ve tried!!