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Oyalo Reviews and Ratings - Ambattur, Chennai


Rated 2.0 by PooBalan Natraj

It's totally different from other pizza outlets. I ordered a combo pack which comes 8 slices if pizza and 4 pieces of Choco lava cake. The packaging was very good and eco friendly. But the taste was not so good. They guys sent 8 different slices of pizzas and 2 Choco lava cake 2 espresso Choco lava cake. Choco lava cakes are okay to eat. I think my friends said only 4 slices taste was good all other things are normal taste only. TRY to improve the stuffing and also improve the dough. Its very small. Taste 3/5 Packaging 5/5 Delivery 4/5 Cost 4/5


Rated 4.0 by Monica S

A novel concept and value for money. Totally delicious and affordable pizzas for every one. The packing is very neat and they come in cute triangular slice shaped boxes!!!


Rated 2.0 by Mr. Theeni_Pandaram

Isn't it economical to buy a slice of pizza rather than buying a whole pizza and stuffing it up in our mouth...... Oyalo a trending food spot and pocket friendly...... I had ordered on combo offer of 2slices of pizza @75...... The pizzas are in cold storage and they just reheat and serve it .... The pizza didn't taste anyway unique or anything, only thing which is good is the cute triangle box packing..... Cons- Though it's economical, It's not filling the stomach 😅😛 not worth in rating coz they just reheat and serve...... so why rated at 2 .... The place doesn't have seating place they have a provision for standing table but not comfortable during the afternoon time thus took it home. Vfm- 2/5 Tastometer-2/5 Ambience-1/5 Service - 3/5


Rated 3.0 by Ashwin Derick

Hmm! First try. Only 4 variety of pizza was available in the store. The rest weren't. That's a strick. Reheated frozen pizza and lava cake. It was okay. I love the regular pizza. But they have combo offers. So it's a great cheat meal. Hope they expand the menu. #pizza #oyalo #lavacake #frozen


Rated 2.0 by Vigneshwaran Arul

Just wondering how they manage to run their business with just selling reheated frozen pizza slice. reheating frozen fries.. or patty or smileys may work out but not pizza they taste terrible. the only reason i give them 2 stars(not 1) is because they have hatsun flavoured milk which is so good. That's the only beverage they sell.Janani Prakash @Oyalo