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Noodle King Reviews and Ratings - Kanathur Reddy Kuppam, Chennai


Rated 2.0 by Srilaxmi Balan

So I was desperately trying to get a ticket for Baahubali 2 (If you haven't watched it yet, stop wasting your life! Go watch it now! :P) and the only place that had seats was Mayajaal! This was extremely unideal as it was so so far away! We rushed anyway and started travel for our 3:30 PM show, only to realize that in all this madness, we had forgotten to have lunch! Needless to say, we were STARVING by the time we reached there and so rushed into the extremely disagreeable food court! Me and my cousin immediately made a beeline towards Noodle King. I have had from the Noodle King, Chromepet branch before and the food was good. We ordered the Meal for Two (Veg version), which comes with 1 gravy, 1 fried rice, 1 noodle dish of choice and 2 Mint Lime coolers. Mint Lime coolers: The drink was cool ,refreshing and one of the only good parts of our lunch that day! Chilli Garlic Noodles: We had actually asked for the Schezwan Noodles and Chilli Garlic fried rice which they mixed up, even after numerous repetitions of the order!  But this was the least of our worries that afternoon!  The noodles was extremely bland, did not have salt and the vegetables were super soggy and stale. Overall the absolute WORST noodles I've ever had!  Schezwan Fried Rice: The fried rice was over spiced, but other than quite okay. An average fried rice, just wish they had toned down the heat a little. Veg Balls in Manchurian Sauce: The veg balls were nice, crunchy and the filling inside tasted okay. But the good stuff ends there. The gravy had so much salt that we could taste absolutely NOTHING other than the salt! We literally had to shove it down our extremely unwilling throats as we hated wasting food and our show was going to start in 10 minutes! SERVICE AND COST: As already mentioned the staff mixed up our order and seemed extremely uninterested, when we pointed out the mistake! We didn't want to waste time arguing with him as we had a show to go to, and so left it at that! The total bill came up to INR 300/- which is a great price. But the food was SO HORRIBLE that I will not be visiting ever again! Guys, please eat from somewhere else and come to Mayajaal! Don't put yourself through this!


Rated 2.0 by Sabari Sridhar O T

In my opinion the food court at the Mayajaal is easily the worst in the city. The places that offer south Indian veg and non veg options in the food court are horrendously over priced and pathetic in terms of quality, quantity and taste. As I was passing by the vegetarian South side the guy at the counter was admonishing one of his workers by saying " ivlo kuruma kudutheena naama iluthu moda vendiyathu than. ." As I have already suffered in both of those south Indian joints, I went to Noodle King who seemed to offer reasonable combos or so I thought. I went for non veg combo which consists of chicken fried rice, chicken manchurien and lime mint cooler. Quantity of the combo was very less that I went with only half tummy full. Taste was also below average. At Rs 170 this combo is a total waste. It is best to avoid this shady and sham of a food court all together when you visit mayajaal. There are numerous eateries and restaurants that offer better quality and tasty food at Kanathur very near mayajaal at various costs but with good value for money unlike here.


Rated 3.0 by Sathiyendran

We were hungury as we reached Mayajaal. Ordered Veg Combo for 2. Hot and soure Soup not that good. Starter: Spring roll and Main dish: Fried rice , Noodles was good. This place is expensive compared to the quantity served.


Rated 1.0 by Raj Praveen

First of all the whole Mall is nightmare to go. All restaurant in Mayajaal have super expensive and horrible food. When i saw Noodle King, I thought they would maintain the quality at least being part of food chain. To my surprise, they also gave horrible food. They didn't had any drinks, the only option they had was artificially sweetened orange juice that too was warm and at exceptionally high price(tasted like mirinda at room temperature and out of fizz). Also there was an entry fees just to go inside this mall Mayajaal to go to these eateries.