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Night Chef Reviews and Ratings - Sholinganallur, Chennai

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Sakshi Shah

This is the only option who delivers food in the night hours but food quality and taste is not good. Not recommended.,........................


Rated 1.0 by Hitesh Khanna

Ordered from night chef as it was one of the limited option to order food in midnight . Delivery time was 1 hour as expected . Ordered Butter chicken ,Paneer butter masala, Garlic naan, Conclusion :Worst food ever had in Chennai.


Rated 1.0 by Kalai

I ordered egg briyani. Delivered the food within the expected time even too early and the food is just yummy. I don't expect I may get very tasty food at that tym. But, the same items which I ordered in the next tym, it sucks. Especially, the French fries... My god.. Nobody can't even get interest to touch it. It looks yuck and tastes very bad. I almost split it out. They used old oil to prepare it and the size of the piece is very big. The egg briyani: It's okay type and you can eat little if you really very hungry but it's too oily. I would suggest that prepare something and eat in ur room instead of ordering food here and eat....


Rated 1.0 by Srini Ayyan

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in you and asked yourself the following questions 1) Why does people dont give a shit about the money you pay?? 2) Why does the customer service in our country is so damn poor when we are known for providing awesome outsourcing to other countries.?? 3) Will the money that i wasted on a meal which i look forward so eagerly because, hello, u are damn right, i paid for it, will come back?? This was my state of mind i ordered from night chef.The order was simple.All i wanted were 2 veg pulao and one daal tadka.When i get the parcel like after 1.5 hrs i ordered which felt like 2 years for me,What do i see!!!!..There is no dal in the container instead and all had come out of it.Oh sorry!!!,Let me correct, it f***king leaked outta it..Because some mozo bozo did not give a damn while packing and did not even had a ostrich brain size common sense to atleast put some adhesive tapes when u are dealing witha watery gravy like dal.The rub to thr wound was the delivery guy.His words,and i quote," Sir innaiku adjust pannungo pls,Payan pack panna maruthutaaan...Wtf that suppose to mean...I said back to him,Sir innaiku money adjust pannungo,naaan kunduvara marthunteen..Post tat i did not bother to argue and i went back. Zomato- you guys should be ashamed to have a tie up witha restro like this. And for the people- Yuhuuuuuu!!!!!!Didnt you get it NEVA EVAAAAA GO TO NIGHT CHEF PLSSSSSSSS.


Rated 1.0 by Protik Gope

Orderd chicken fried rice and egg fried rice from this restaurant as this was the only restaurant which was available for online ordering. Both the fried rice was very bad.... No salt, no spice, nothing was there. Very disappointed with the food. Delivery was the only thing which was good. 👍🏻 for the delivery but for food 👎🏻