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Momo Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Semmanjeri, Chennai


Rated 5.0 by Nithya Prathap

Highly recommend if you love Chinese japnese food as the good tastes authentic. The quality, quantity and presentation of food is 5 star for sure. Staffs are very humble and professional.


Rated 5.0 by Ayush Khandalkar

Visited this place for the second time for lunch this time they did not disappoint us in anyway. The staff was attentive and the service was really fast as compared to the last time. We ordered chicken dimsum which was really perfect it was soft juicy and melted as soon as the bite went inside the mouth 5/5 for that the second thing was manchow chicken soup which was perfect too it had chicken pieces which were evenly cooked along with the soup and hence the combination tasted really good 5/5 for that too. The next thing on the list was Thai noodles with sea food base which had prawns and fish the taste was good but the individual taste of prawns and fish was not up to the mark so 4/5 for that. Last one was schezwan chicken fried rice it was delicious contained the right amount of schezwan sauce which was not hard to taste and also the egg and chicken pieces were cooked properly inside 5/5 for this. And all this costed us around ₹876 including 18% GSTs which is pretty affordable. The place is silent and comfortable so 5/5 for the ambience. Food 5/5. VFM 4.5/5. service and quality 5/5.


Rated 3.0 by Mohan

Best place for thai cuisine... I really liked the momos , it was so good.. Ambience is good service is good.. price is little bit high...But overall experience is good


Rated 4.0 by Vaibhav Gurjar

This place will fulfill the hunger for Chinese food. The place is near Satyabhama college omr and can be spotted easily. The ambience was fine and the place is small but there was no rush at the time of my visit (we went there at 1-2pm). The service is fast and the food tastes good. We ordered Fried wontons; Chicken chilli garlic fried rice; Veg Shezwan Noodles. They gave slices of raw mango with some different sauce which I never had and was nice. The quantity of wontons was less than expected but on the contrary the quantity for fried rice and noodles was very much (literally very much) and I never had such huge quantity for such price along with the taste it had. Each individual bowl served 4-5 times to a single person. If u eat here the level of satisfaction will be high and it will not disappoint ur stomach as well as tastebuds. If u want to eat lots of Chinese fried rice or noodles for around 200, then just go to this place and order one bowl u will be satisfied. Individual ratings- Food - 4.5 Service - 4 Ambience - 3.5 With - Ayush Khandalkar


Rated 5.0 by King Foodenstein

Waited for a long time to put a review on this restaurant. Nearby my locality. A peaceful and customer friendly Restaurant. Went for a weekday lunch. Ordered Tom yum chicken soup - always in my list Pan fried chicken momos - They provide the best momos in town as other reviewers suggest. Thai Green chilli fish - The starter that made my day. Green Apple Mojito - a pantry man special No substitute for that fish Starter. In recent days, this restaurant attracted me a lot by its peaceful Ambience, friendly service and the top is their justification for their cuisine. The server suggested us a Thai chef special noodles. This is the first time I tried this and no negatives. It is some saucy Thai vegetable flat noodles. Thai cuisine lovers will like it. Overall if you are looking out for a best Chinese and Thai restaurant that can match Indian tongues, then this is the place you should watch out.