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Marrybrown Reviews and Ratings - Kanathur Reddy Kuppam, Chennai


Rated 1.0 by Miss Foodaholic!

I have never dined in Marrybrown earlier and will never do so! Ordered a chicken burger, chicken roll and corn cheese nuggets. The chicken roll and the nuggets tasted fine and what could have been a satisfactory meal got ruined by the burger - One, when I was half way through, I noticed a hair strand and second, the meat had skin! Like on a normal burger, the meat wouldn't be fried so you can imagine! It was like eating raw chicken skin! I felt pukish! Even the thought of it now makes me want to puke! When I raised it as a concern, all the guy at the counter said was he will replace it. But who wants another? 400 bucks and a pukish feeling for a lifetime - Definitely not worth it!


Rated 3.0 by Ashwini Ramesh

After watching movie in mayajal we decided to hog wwbt to the food court and found mayajal we have benn waiting there for 10 minutes there have persons though in the counter btw they din mind to take the order from us..They were busy with there own work and after that a person came and took order from us after 10 minutes after continuously calling him.we just ordered two burger and it took more than 10 minute to delivery Its not VFM at all since the size of the burger is like the kids burger. Service-2/5 for the worst service


Rated 3.0 by Aruna Anandanarayanan

Had snacks from here when i went to mayajaal for a movie.Had tandoori nuggets,corn cheese nuggets and momoberry krushers..everything tasted ok

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Satish Joseph

MB has been our life saver so many times when we had to rush to a movie at Mayajaal without eating anything. You can load your Mayajaal cash cards and make your orders and go to your screen. They will deliver it to your seats directly. Our favourite is always the classic chicken burger.