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Madurai Sri Muniyandi Vilas

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Madurai Sri Muniyandi Vilas Reviews and Ratings - , Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Abhinaya Karikalan

Wherever u go n eat you wont get that satisfaction of eating south foods expect few places across the city. And mudiyandi vilas is the best of it


Rated 3.0 by Adithyaa 😸

If u like parrota , this is the place for you . πŸ˜‹ Bit costly . πŸ˜₯ There is a ac room available for this hotel but it will be charged 20 per head πŸ˜ͺ Grill is good πŸ€“ Briyani is ok 😝 U will find everything else too but won't be at a reasonable cost 😐


Rated 1.0 by Venkat GR

Before reviewin this Restaurant let us know some history of Vadakampatti Madurai Sri Muniyandi vilas Hotel. In 1934 , S.V.S Subba Naidu a resident of vadakampatti village near Madurai started ' Madurai Sri Muniyandi Vilas Nonvegetarian Hotel' With the Assistance of Alagarsami Naidu in Karaikudi. This was the one & only original hotel till the date. As it started doing well , similar hotels cameup in nearby towns. The prefix, Madurai, was added to the name to give an identity for the hotel. Today, all hotels sport an identical name written on a red colour board. The owners of Madurai Sri Muniyandi Vilas hotels congregate every year at Vadakkampatti to participate in the annual festival at the temple till the date. Ok coming to our Madurai sri muniyandi vilas in Kandigai , vandalur is nothing but a mushroom which uses the famous name to boost thier buisiness . Its not the original Banner. Coming to Food : 1/5 1. Worst quality 2. Poor quantity 3. Too much oil 4. High price for that area ( price is equal to city restaurants) Coming to Hotel ambience:1/5 1. Floor - nothing other than dirt 2. Washbasin - scary as hell 3. Seating - not good for ur butts Service : 0.5/5 u cant expect better service from these peoples. If u order heavy ur the king & viceversa. My advice : try anyother nearby hotels in the sameline. Try " 4 tracks , lulua " much better compared to this hotel from my experience. Bottomline : I wonder how these people approached zomato . Anyways dont ever try this Hotel .