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Madras Coffee House Reviews and Ratings - Chetpet, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Namya Baid

Chetpet is an area I'd love to stay in. I did my high school in Lady Andal, which is in the same locality and that road has all of my favorites. One of them is Madras Coffee House. Being a coffee lover, I'm always in hunt of good coffee. Though my campus had a ccd inside, I'd mostly come here for a cup of their awesome filter coffee along with some of their really lipsmacking snacks.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Nikita Luke

A small little coffee shop on the main road run by a humble lady. The coffee house is a perfect spot to have some hot filter coffee on a nice rainy day. She also serves snacks and biscuits. The filter coffee is 20/- . The shop is exposed and makes it difficult for customers to escape the harsh chennai heat. I wish something could be done about that, a partition or a partial green wall maybe? Anyway, it's a nice place for some quick grab and go coffee.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Kevin John

The smell of the coffee forces you to have a cup of coffee from here . But i had a cup from here 6 times and all sick times i was able to find big ants or moths in my coffee. And when i tell them this they get me a new glass . Last time i had from here i chewed a bee and i got really angry with it . I told them they should do somthing for it and they rudely replied nothing can be done n its common . And actually the coffee to is not that great . Its watery n only the smell is good . Worst place to relax for a few mins in our busy life .


Rated 4.0 by Namratha Joseph

Cute little street side coffee house which is very neat and clean. I walk by this way quite open so I do pop in on occasion for a cuppa. Decent service, no drama, no fuss. They serve a bunch of different types of drinks but I always have the traditional filter coffee. Hot, frothy and refreshing and I always feel like one cup is never enough. Nice to see small little places like this doing well and keeping great standards.


Rated 3.0 by Meghana Babu

Kaapi kaapi kaapiii oooy.. . This is how il describe this place. Aromatoc coffees..If you are those who would die for good kaapis..this is your place.My peeps i am.not talking abt coffee.. it filter kaapi im talking abt. Though ambience is a major turn off t.Coffee and the buscuits are worth the money