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Latitude - By The Park

nb 4.8 / 5
Rutland Gate, Thousand Lights
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Latitude - By The Park Reviews and Ratings - Thousand Lights, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Mahalakshmi Anand

I have dined at this restaurant before and have enjoyed the food here. Today I was invited by the management to try out their Dim Sum promotion and since I really love dim sums ,it was a. really welcome invitation. We were warmly greeted by the manager Mr.Vinoth who said that they were launching a line of dim sums based on their recipe from Lotus,the Thai specialty restaurant at Park and  a Vegan Buddha bowl. We started off with some vegetable dumplings,followed by chicken and prawn dim sums which were all very tasty . The skin of the dumplings were thin and translucent but held their form . One bowl meals are really trending now and Latitude wanted to launch these in their restaurant. The Buddha Bowl is a vegan meal which came with quinoa,boiled vegetables,boiled peanuts with paprika dusting and a vinaigrette dressing . All the components have to be mixed together before digging in. It was surprisingly flavourful and though I certainly did not expect to like it ,I really enjoyed it and finished off every bite of it. The peanuts added a good crunch to it and the idea of eating something light,tasty yet healthy will definitely attract people who want to watch their waistlines. Though my husband and i were feeling pretty full we were asked to choose a dessert and have i ever been able to refuse that! We decided to share a Tiramisu but the chef also sent a huge slice of banana-walnut cake  along. The Tiramisu was a sight to behold ,it came beribboned and pretty as a picture. and was crowned with a scoop of choco- chip ice cream. It also scored on the taste aspect with the liquor soaked sponge fingers sandwiched with the creamy marscapone cheese filling. The tea cake was warm, dusted with icing sugar and was packed with walnuts. It tasted good but we were too full and seriously couldn't do it justice. All in all we had a great dinner-light,healthy and finished it off on a high note with some decadent desserts but I would conclude that it was a balanced meal in the end!


Rated 4.0 by KaVi Sivakumar

This place is jus wowwww... it's a small cafe which is associated with THE PARK.. I loved the ambience of this place sooo much .. the place is so peaceful and service is very good.. bt a lil bit pricey .. the food was also very tasty .. quantity will b quite minimal.. bt if u want to spend some quality time with ur friends avoiding the hustle then go for it 😁


Rated 4.0 by Anand Kumaar

Went for lunch there with my wife on Republic day. The place was deserted may be due to the holiday. They had a special menu on sushi. So ordered the California Maki thinking that it would be similar to their sister concern A2 The Park but was quite dissappointed with the dipping soya sauce. Then for main course we shared Grilled Chicken Breast with mushroom Jus with Herb Rice and Thai green chicken curry with steamed rice, The Chicken breast was Grilled with the skin which enabled the chicken to stay moist and juicy and was quite tender and tasty. The sauce was bit watery, they could have thickened it a bit but it was quite good. The Thai curry was a bit bland lacking the lemon grass flavour and also thin but it was OK. The cost was about 1700 for 2. Was invited with my wife to taste their new line of Dimsums and their Vegan Bowl AKA Buddha Bowl. We were served 3 varieties Veg, Chicken and Prawn. They were quite good and their skin made from tapioca flour which was translucent and quite beautiful to look at. I was frankly skeptical about the Vegan Bowl but was bowled over by the taste of the Broccoli, Quinoa, Boiled Peanuts and some Vegetables in a vinaigrette dressing which combined quite well. This is for the health conscious people who are looking to lose weight but want to try new dishes. We were quite full by this time but were pampered with a Heavenly Tiramisu and a big wedge of Banana walnut cake which we couldn't finish. Service was exceptional and so was the attention shown by the manager Mr.Vinoth and the Chef.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Indra Gopi

Located in the good earth compound, just Opp to Ritu Kumar boutique, this is more a cafe place. The ambience is nice and peaceful with decent crowd. They also have other shops attached to them. The orders we- Nutella smoothie-9/10 Banana smoothie-7.5/10 Grilled pepper Parmesan prawn- 9/10 Latitude spl club sandwich-8.5/10 Fish with scrambled eggs-9.5/10 They tasted good and the price is also reasonable. Definitely a come again place.


Rated 4.0 by FoodLover

Loved their Caesar salad, the Mexican pizza and their special latitude fries, however felt the service was a little slow. On the whole it was good, and I will definitely visit again.