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Kwality Bakery Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Egmore, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by Javid Z

I have never noticed this place till today, even though I regularly travel through this road. Went to try it for the first time. Looks pretty with a really calm ambience and a good seating capacity. A decent variety of pastries and puffs. They even have an ice cream counter surprisingly. No issues related to parking here. Pricing is high and the quality is not upto the mark. The pastries were dry but tasted good. Choco lava cakes were worth the money.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Aditya Rao

Love their chicken sandwiches both plain and grilled. The best I’ve had in Chennai. The puffs are good as well but the sandwiches stand out.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Aditya Modi

Well, the menu here is wrongly put up. They no longer have the restaurant wing in the premises. Its just a cafe now serving the regular dishes like burger pizza and pastries. The ambience is okayish. Service lacks warmth. The breads they bake here, specially the sandwich bread is amazing. Pastries are so so. Savoury items are more recommended. But, the sundaes are the best thing on offer here. Reasonably priced offering delinquent taste. Parking is not available. If here, in this area, try it out. Ciao!! 🍷🍷


Rated 5.0 by நவீன்

My family favorite since childhood and good combination of Chinese as well as North Indian Kebabs. Good ambience and lots of tables for a late Sunday family supper.


Rated 3.0 by PJC

We tried this place for lunch on New Year day. We ordered dragon potato as starters. It looked great, but ultimately flattered to deceive. For mains, we ordered dal makhni with rotis and paneer parathas. None of it was outstanding, but not bad either. Decent food, if one is not being too critical. The place does not stand out in terms of ambiance either. It is quite and yellow lit. Pricing is not too exorbitant and the service is great. But as far as food goes it was an experience that doesnt particularly leave you wanting more.