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Kumbakonam Filter Coffee Reviews and Ratings - Mylapore, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Payal Mohapatra

I am just sitting here craving a cup of coffee and hence I am writing reviews for all my favorite coffee outlets which are so integral to my coffee appetites that I almost forgot reviewing ever. The first thing that Chennai has got me stuck onto is the filter coffee . I have always been a coffee person but no amount of fancy stirred lattes can replace the aroma and kick of the good old filtered coffee. Taste - 4.5/5 Vfm-5/5 Service-4/5


Rated 5.0 by Janabai Haridoss

Here a tambrahm coffee addict writes a review on Kumbakonam Filter Coffee (KFC - the only KFC tambrahm moms allows us without complaining) Even though I'm a big coffee addict as mentioned earlier I cannot withstand even a slight change in the taste which is not at par with my mom's coffee..:) But KFC has set a standard at different level in my scale ! It has an authentic taste of kumbakonam Degree coffee.. It is served in Brass Dabara which enhances the flavour of my energy drink :D The filter coffee powder is sold here so that you can have KFC everyday at home :) They also serve savories and some tiffin items ( haven't tried yet) Hey Coffee Lovers ! FYI - SHOP CLOSES BY 8.00PM OR 8.30PM and SUNDAY HOLIDAY I'm having KFC everyday at home ! Hope you too ! Rejuvenating experience guaranteed :)


Rated 4.0 by Ravindranath Pasumarthy

The Coffee is at its best. They have a good variety of Small snacks. The owner runs this shop as a hobby & so can expect quality. The friendly talk in the evening by him adds up to the South Indian 'THERU MUNAI ARATTAI'. With good coffee added to it - a sure way to enjoy your 15 minutes

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Varun Iyer

Had a good filter coffee ☕ after a long time but I don't understand why you should add chicory and adulterate your coffee.. Chicory is very bad for health when roasted....


Rated 1.0 by Perathuselvi Murugann

My quest for finding a better filter coffee than what Amma makes at home remains unfulfilled. And this place was the biggest disappointment ever and even a mere 1 star would be an Overstatement. I went to this place at around 11 with mom and dad and I had lots of expectations after reading the reviews and menu here. Expecting atleast a stand and eat outlet, I was disappointed at first sight seeing the place. A middle aged aunty having her breakfast, I asked her for a menu and she said she has nothing of that sort and then I asked her what was available currently and she replied, coffee and idli dosa, nonchalantly. The Ambience was horrible. There was only a single table, which was dirty. The stool was tattered beyond explanation. Then, suddenly this guy from the next shop comes and starts making coffee in the open. I was aghast. He serves them and to my horror, the dabara was unclean. He also pointed to a stone age old box on the table, and said sugar. There was none in the coffee and we had to compulsorily add sugar. Even the most careless person, looking at the sugar wouldn't want to use it. It was in moulds, probably due to the mix of water, wantedly or unwantedly and there was NO spoon. The cleanliness freaks my parents were, were disgusted at first sight. So, except dad, whose dabara was unclean, we thought we'd take a sip and the milk was spoilt and there was literally no decotion. And we just kept the tumblers back, to pay and leave. Sadly again, I found none at the dirty little shop. We waited 5 minutes for the lady to walk lazily towards from the next shop. We paid and ran from the place, only to be hearing mom's sarcastic comments all the way home - Best Coffee Place. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE. FOR HYGIENE, AMBIENCE, TASTE AND EVERYTHING ELSE, I'D RATE IT 0.