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Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Arumbakkam
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Kollywood Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Arumbakkam, Chennai


Rated 1.0 by Chandramohan T

I am writing this review for the restaurant in Vijay Park hotel in Madhavaram as it is not listed here. Asked a young lady whether A-la-carte is available and she said Yes. We were waiting, no one came to pick the order and finally the manager comes and inform us in a rude tone that they have only buffet. When I mentioned about the young lady, she is a trainee and she doesn't know things it seems :-( Ok, the food part. Idly was horrible Poori was not there Vada was not there Kichadi was dry I have not seen such a horrible buffet in my life. Please have a look at the pictures


Rated 1.0 by Kishore Sankar

my rating is 1 because there isnt any other rating lower than 1 personally I would give it in negative value!! . I really regret my decision to visit this place . The service was damn poor even the local street shop treat their customers in a better way . The food I felt like vomiting the moment I kept it in my mouth v ordered panner butter masala , roti ,bismilabath ,n fried rice .it stuck me " Seriously do these people have chief or it left overs of other hotels ?? The panner wasn't properly cooked the gravy was so diluted I felt like water , the rice was pathetic it @served cold . Serious doubt to the management have u ever tasted ur own food !? If u had u would have fired the staffs long ago ! Roti or brick I couldn't tell the difference to add icing to the sugar fried rice was like boiled plain rice !! . Disappointed is the word that I would use since it public post !! I would never ever ever recommend this place to anyone else in my lifetime r d next !! Price a whopping bill of 700 for such a bad food!! . my rating is 1 because there isnt any other rating lower than 1 personally I would give it in negative value!!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Nivedita Gupta

I want to live my life happily. I am a foodie and love to visit different areas. This time, me and my friends planned to visit Chennai. Chennai is known as the "Detroit of South Asia" and is the hottest city to live in but there are very amazing areas like Marina beach, San Thome Basilica, and many more places are like must visit places. But obviously, we need to take care for money too. We need to book a hotel to stay which is in our budget. We did some research and booked hotel named Vijay Park Hotel, Chennai. It was a good hotel. We were 4 members and stayed in this hotel for 3 days and 2 nights and we all had around 1300 per head in total for breakfast, evening snacks and dinner and we had all facilities. It was a good trip, we enjoyed a lot and we all thankful to the hotel staff too as those people were very nice.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sonam Bisht

I am doing a job as a saleswoman. My life was becoming like hell and pissed off due to my daily schedule. So, I decided to go for some outing at some peaceful area. I chose Chennai to visit and I had no idea where to stay. I saw one family there, they were going back to their town. I asked them for the hotel to stay. They suggested me to stay at Vijay Park Hotel, as they stayed there. I started towards the same hotel. It was a good hotel and the staff was also good and smart. They work very smartly. They provided me a very decent room. As I am a saleswoman, I took everything in terms of marketing. They were doing their job greatly. I didn't explore so many visiting areas in Chennai. In the morning, I had some snacks and coffee and then went to Church and had lunch at Saravana Bhavan, then came back to Hotel. I Spent most of the time in Hotel room and rest in the Orchid in the evening. Now, I found myself rejuvenate. All thanks to all the staff members of Hotel.


Rated 5.0 by Harsh Beniwal

I am a business man. I am handling the business of marbles. I went to Chennai for searching some desired variety of marbles at handsome prices. I had to meet with different dealers for the contract. This hotel was the middle one which was nearer to my all destination. So, I preferred this hotel. And this hotel had very good services and the staff managed all things in proper way. Moreover, they were very co-operative. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip. Whenever I visit Chennai next time, I will definitely prefer to stay at Vijay park hotel.