The Grand Mall, Velacheriy
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Keventers Reviews and Ratings - Velacheriy, Chennai


Rated 2.0 by Anu

I had bookmarked this place after seeing many posts of fellow foodies on social media with those adorable glass bottles. I was eyeing this place for a while but never got to taste their milkshakes. One random evening in Grand Mall, C and I spotted their kiosk and decided to try. Menu: 3/5 The menu has a variety of choices from classic flavours, to exotic, to chocolate combinations. However, i did not find anything unique on the menu, as most items on the menu are available in any typical juice shop or dessert parlour.   Ambience: 3/5 This is a small kiosk outside Grand Mall. The lighting was done well and the sight of the milkshake bottles neatly arranged was very inviting. The place is quite small, can accommodate about 4-5 people. A fairly good place for students to hang out but i preferred taking away our order rather than having there. Taste: 2/5 The order: Exotic Mango and Pineapple Firstly the milkshake bottles are so adorable and convenient. There is a pun quote on each bottle. But when i got to taste it, i was totally disappointed. Both mango and pineapple flavours were clearly artificial. The milkshake was too thin and tasted of raw milk. It had no taste or quality that signified the legacy. Clearly a much better one can be made in any household. Note: On another occasion we got to taste butterscotch, rasamalai, kesar pista and banana pine coco. This time as well, they all tasted artificial, raw and were very thin. Clearly a let down again. Service: 3/5 The service was quick and good. We were waiting inside while our order was getting ready. Value for money: 2/5 This place is very expensive and the milkshakes are pathetic in taste and quality. Clearly a waste of money. The only value that you get is the glass bottles if you take away your order. They are perfect for kitchen usage or a DIY activity. My take: The legacy and taste is not worth the hype and cost. You can still try if you choose to.


Rated 3.0 by Mahesh Krishnan

Was on an elaborate stroll with my friends on account of the Aadi sale when I saw this beautiful cabin walla Keventers right in front of Grand Mall.. The place is well maintained though it can hold only a max of 4 customers inside the chilled glass section and the others have to either opt for a takeaway or drink their shakes in dusty roadside. I was excited to recommend my other less foodie friends to try it out just Coz of the brand value . Sorry to say the Keventers once again proved to me that them branded and hyped franchise chains are yet again a disappointment. We ordered two Kit Kar shakes and one Choco Hazelnut Shake. The Kit Kat Shake for me felt like one bar of Kit Kat for a bottle of frozen milk -.- The choco hazelnut was okayish Coz it had something to bite upon .! To be honest , outlets like Frozen Bottles or TSFs score better than this with more or less the same price .! Ambience - 3/5 Space - 1.75/5 Service - 3/5 Shakes - 3/5


Rated 1.0 by Foodie Macha

Really this expensive milkshake is full of esense, not good for health, you can clearly feel the chemical smell. if you have enough money, donate it to some homeless people than buying from here. I bought Almond coffee rose thick shake and hate it..


Rated 3.0 by Bhavana Chandaka

Fruit thick shakes we're not really great if you are looking for fresh fruit taste. But cold coffee with ice cream added to make it more creamy. It's very tasty for someone who is a coffee lover. Ambience:4/5 Food:3.5/5 Service:4/5 Cost :2.5/5 Also follow :(insta) crazytraveller_randomphotos


Rated 2.0 by Daniel Charles

Ordered 2 milkshakes on Swiggy from this place. I was pretty disappointed. That is saying something because I did not have high expectations in the first place. I ordered the almond coffee rose thick shake and the cold coffee classic shake. They were both very mediocre and a disappointment. If you are someone who enjoys taking pictures of the keventers bottle for Instagram, you might get something for your money. If not, you are out of luck. This place totally lets you down. #Honestfeedback Keventers please spend lesser on the marketing and glam and more on the milk shake itself and you might get more satisfied customers. Until then, I am sorry but I will not be coming back.