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Eldams Road, Teynampet
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Jerry's Den Reviews and Ratings - Teynampet, Chennai


Rated 2.5 by Ajit Induchudan

Keeping this review brief for my time spent here was just as long. Ambience Small place, well air-conditioned (for the summer its a joy) and modern interiors. Place doesn't give you a feel of a restaurant or cafe due to its spacing; however works fine as in-salon cafe. Is in-salon cafe a concept that would work here? My South Indian upbringing makes me believe not, but time will tell. Service & pricing - moderate pricing and no complaints about their service. Food The sandwich we tried tasted ok, while the apple pie (something I love) was quite disastrous. I love the crust of a pie and that clearly was the failure here. On a summary note, considering its an offering from a management I have high regards for - the expectations were high. But that said, the place failed to impress me.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Rajesh Kohli

This is a perfect place to fill your appetite while using the services at the salon or spa and is such a nice concept. Myself being vegetarian and from Canada - being here in Chennai for last 3 years, it was such a treat to get international quality and great touch of home made, healthy and tasty sandwich. I tried broccoli and cheese sandwich on the warm bread which is baked fresh at the premises. The variety of green teas are awesome and so are the innovative juice blends. I will eat each time I use the services of salon or spa or even when I am driving by and feel hungry. It is a nice, small but cozy place with exceptional service and international quality food! Well worth it - highly recommended. Raj Kohli


Rated 5.0 by Vandhana Venkat

A very cute, compact, feels-like-home kind of a cafe with decent menu, pretty cutleries and pleasing decor! Loved their chocolate mousse, Paneer Panini and iced tea. Very courteous staff and they give you  your time to order, sit and chat up! A good calm place to catch up with friends. Also has the advantage of a saloon just below. Not many saloons in the city have this facility of a cafe! Much needed one! Great concept! Just one suggestion, you may include coffees - both hot and cold! that is something Chennai people would love anytime of the day!

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by TheSirGordanRamsay

The worst part of this place is the name. Which is supposed to bring back memories of a cheese-loving mouse, but ended up reminding me of a WW2 Nazi bunker. This is more the fault of a childhood spent reading Commando comic books, but there it is. The space they have is really tiny. Think of the smallest possible space in which you could have a restaurant. Now cut it in half. That's about the size of the place. Its literally one tiny glass walled room, it could seat maybe 10 people. 15 if they were close friends. Really, really close friends. There is obviously no ambiance, but the upside is the tiny space is cooled very quickly even with 1 A/C. Glass walls create an echo chamber, but hard to see how this could be avoided. Service is a bit of a victim of this- the staff just can't wait in the space itself, there isn't enough room. They are left hanging about outside, waiting for when they are needed. This makes things awkward since they are always looking to see if anyone needs anything. A buzzer like some restaurants have may work here. The food itself - the PLT sandwich I quite liked and I really don't like sandwiches much as a rule. The apple pie dessert had too much green apple, which overpowered everything, but was otherwise not bad at all. Pricing- this place is expensive. I suspect this is as a result of dis-economy of scale. With a place this small, each meal needs to bear a larger portion of the fixed cost than a larger place would. Economically sensible, but still a little disappointing for the diner. With the space constraint, its hard to see how they are going to drop the prices without taking a financial hit, but no one said the restaurant business was easy. Overall Conclusion: 0.5 extra for the very eager to please staff. Realistically, this place needs a lot more thought. If in the area and need a place to kill some time, this is a very good option, though.


Rated 3.0 by Arjun Kalia

Expectations can be brutally unfair but enter into the real world and fairness is a virtue which not many stick to. Recent reviews and the word of mouth doing the rounds about this café led to the build up of expectations inside my head. Sadly enough, the place was below par on a lot of counts. Location - situated on the Eldam's road on the 1st floor of the complex which houses an outlet of Toni and Guy on the ground floor also works as a landmark for Jerry's. Ambience - square room(small one, mind you! )with 5 tables surrounded by glass walls overlooking the street outside best describes this place. Nothing more, nothing less. Staff and service - construction is weird because the room has a glass door beyond which is a corridor that leads to their kitchen. Once the door shuts, there is no way one can call out to them unless you plan to walk yourself into their kitchen. Can't call them understaffed since we were the only ones there but the service is a major let down primarily because of the structure and construction of the place. Food and menu - pastas, sandwiches, desserts and drinks form up their menu. Short eats at best is what their menu seems to present. PLT panini - I'd heard about their PLT(paneer, lettuce and tomatoes) panini and stuck to ordering that. Stuffing which consisted of huge chunks of paneer was at par with the better ones I've eaten but strangely enough the crust was harder than usual. It was served along with a huge serving of something which looked like a salad of tomatoes and onions but I've never in my life tasted anything as sour and tangy as that. I've no clue how that was supposed to be eaten with the panini. Apple crumble pie with ice cream - dried slices of apple soaked in syrup set inside the the outer crust made out of flour and sitting atop this all was a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sounds fancy but did not leave me pleased. To call it anything more than average would be an overstatement. Crust wasn't all that impressive and all we were left with were the apple slices and ice cream. Pineapple and coconut juice - don't expect much to go wrong with a juice but I liked the combination of this one. It's worth a shot at. I did not see any reason for paying up 550 bucks for this but one can cut them some slack considering they've just opened up. They definitely need to pick up the tricks of the trade as early as possible to expect a good and regular turn up.