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Jai Ganesha Bhavan

St Thomas Mount
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Jai Ganesha Bhavan Reviews and Ratings - St Thomas Mount, Chennai


Rated 1.0 by Pradeep N

No dinner and very limited food. Expected more but disappointed. Even though it was evening only idly and dosa was available and nothing else.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Chandrukrish

A decent , simple vegetarian food hotel at my work vicinity . The tiifin items and meals here taste good . A Quick service hotel that is busy most of the times .


Rated 5.0 by Arathi Unnikrishnan

•86 Had been here long back along with my brother and his family after a visit to St Thomas Mount church. We had Ghee Roast, Medhu Vadai and Coffee that day. I am a very big fan of dosas and the ghee roast I ordered just came out as I wanted it to be.It was ultimate and too good. Had extra ordinary taste when had along with sambar and three varities of chutney(coconut chutney, pudina chutney and tomato chutney). They provided hot and crispy vadai as well. Finally the filter coffee just made my heart fulfilled and I was extremely happy with the breakfast that day. Thanks to Jai Ganesha Bhavan for providing an awesome breakfast!!


Rated 3.0 by Syed Abdul Ikraam

Taste : 3/5 ; Ambiance : 3.5/5 ; Service : 3/5 ; VFM : 3.5/5 Have been making too many rounds to st. thomas mount area these days as a friend of mine who lives here is about to move to the have been helping him with stuffs...and also using this opportunity to explore the area for what all food this place has to offer...on one such visit was carving for some veg breakfast items...being an area dormant with non-veg restaurants and biryani joints...was not able to come up with any the restaurant mount plaza too is under renovation...thats when i remembered my dear friend Sujeeth Ponnuswamy review of this place... Located opposite to the joint police commissioner office in st. thomas an hotel named shri ganesh bhavan...the restaurant is located in the ground floor...looks posh from the outside..but inside looks like any other regular veg restaurant you will find....parking is available for a few vehicles and rest is road side...which is more than sufficient...the restaurant was clean and well maintained...the service too was decent...average speed.... Ordered a set of idlies, masala dosai and a medhu vada...the idly was really good...soft and fluffy...the vada too was decent...was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside...pipping hot it arrived...the masala dosa though was not that good...though hot was crisp as i expected it to be...was all soggy..but the real disappointment were the chutney and sambar...the sambar was bland...nothing great...whereas the chutney was really a disaster....too taste...good good seemed spoiled by them.... Total bill came to about 130 with taxes...the prices seem ok...but the food especially the accompaniments were not worth it....a look on those and this place has all the factors to become a good veg restaurant in this area.....

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sujeeth Ponnuswamy

#216. [24-Mar-15] :- Jai Ganesha Bhavan is medium sized veg restaurant located opposite Joint commissioner of police at 'Police Office Road', St.Thomas mount. I came to know about this place very recently through Zomato, since I never entered into the Police Office Road which is adjacent to the butt road. This outlet is very similar to usual south Indian restaurants but located on the hotel complex by same management. Parking is not an issue here. As I said ambiance is very typical & simple veg restaurant chains. Been there twice, first time ordered a plate of chapathi, was impressed with the taste & price. They served 3 nice chapathi for just ₹45. Second time my order was parotta & Dosa, it was not as impressive as first time, but decent one. They also have chinese & Tandoori dishes as well & they offer 20% on these items on AC Hall. Service was decent. I would recommend Jai Ganesha Bhavan, as the best south Indian veg restaurant with nominal pricing in St.Thomas Mount.