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Indian Coffee House Reviews and Ratings - KK Nagar West, Chennai

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Arihant Chaturvedi

I've been to this place countless number of times and to me, this is one of the best places for superb, cheap and quick South Indian food in Chennai. Their dosa, parotta, sambar vada and cutlet are simply fabulous and special mention to the cutlets! They're the best I've tasted so far. With a casual atmosphere, this had been a hangout spot for me and my friends for a long time now. With just 100 bucks in hand, you can leave this place with a full tummy!! Definitely worth a try.


Rated 3.0 by Ram

It's a part of the bigger Indian coffee house chain sans the turbaned waiters and big tables. Situated inside the premises of pondicherry guest house it's a small place with plastic tables and chairs. It carries a laidback atmosphere without the din that is typical of tiffin houses. Not more than three tables were occupied during any of my visits. But that in no way means laziness in service. Though the waiter (I am not sure if there's more than one) does not show any exaggerated briskness or courtesy, you never have to wait long for your food. The food's really good and inexpensive. Their parotta is real soft, flaky without excess oil and accompanied by a mild tasty karma it happens to be one of my regular orders. Their Chola bhatura and cutlets are quite good as well. The only problem is that often many items on the menu are not available.