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Hotel Kurinchi Reviews and Ratings - Periyamet, Chennai


Rated 2.0 by Rashmi Yellamelli

Okay I have no idea who the heck gave this place a 3 even . Sorry no offence but I've heard really good about this restaurant and although my expectations weren't sky high I atleast expected decent. Biryani was just absolutely horrible ! I feel you get better biryani at any street vendor itself . The mutton chukka saved the show for them , and hence the 2.0 review for this hotel !! The meals now come on guys this is basic, who does meals wrong? Below average ! So disappointing . We didn't want to walk out as we were hungry AF that's all 🙄 . Food: 1/5 Service: 5/5 Ambience: 1/5


Rated 2.5 by Sujay Iyer

Went for lunch for meals. Fish was delicious. Chicken was mediocre. The chicken and mutton gravies weren't out of this world. The biryani was bland. Service was very poor.


Rated 3.0 by VG Emaraj

Kurinji - a flower that blooms every 12 years once! From where I work, you go this place you will be back only after 12 years! The place lacks to maintain consistency, on your lucky day everything you order is amazing, the very next day, the same food disappoints🤦🏻‍♀️ Been to this place many a times, a get away kind of eatery when you are really frustrated with the kind of work you do. Plan to go to this place for lunch, you will be back only for tea break(ofcourse my manager is not on zomato 🤣) There is always a feud, if we should get there for lunch or dinner. For lunch you will have meals, biryanis....but for dinner you will have only tiffin items..(dosa with mutton Sukka 😋) if you are a lucky devil, the rasam there tastes amazing, team it up with mutton Nalli & omelette and you will want to stay in the pot of rasam for ever😬 you get nice hung curd for rice, marry it with liver fry and wash down your meals with buttermilk 😋 Fish fry, nice crisp and slender cut (again depends on your luck) Kola urundai (lamb meat balls) not worth a try! After a heavy meal and a long drive, I am back to my desk for a nap 😴


Rated 2.0 by Praveen R

Heared lot about the place and visited. It's disappointing tried Parotta , Egg kotthu Parotta and chicken fry . Very average food in terms of the taste


Rated 4.0 by Vishal Bhavsar

Thia is a typical Madras style eatery. Ambience is plain and clean. When you come to a place like this its for the food. I was a little late and they were just closing soon and had run out of most dishes so I had to make do with what I got. Chicken fry and Parotta. And it was good. I mean finger licking good. The parottas nice and fluffy and the thick gravy chicken was tasty. Not overwhelmingly spicy but just right. Would have loved to try more but was on a short visit to chennai so maybe next time. Must visit for non vegetarians.