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Hotel Aahaar Reviews and Ratings - Triplicane, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Joydeep Barman

I visited this restaurant atleast 3-4times almost 4yrs ago. I liked this place. In chennai its hard to get good bengali food. Here the food was good. Specially the chicken kasha. It was cheap too....


Rated 2.5 by Soham Ghosh

A must go place for Bengalis in triplicane area. I stayed there for almost a year and it's been a welcome relief for me. Foods are neither good in quality nor in taste. But sometimes it gives you pleasure to taste something known rather than to try idly or dosa. Staffs are arrogant. Ambience : Poor. Dirty. Not properly cleaned. Rating: 2/5 Pricing: Too much if you compare the price with Kolkata. Quality is not worth of price. Rating: 2/5 Service: Too bad. Arrogant staffs. Specially the owner and his daughter. Rating:1/5 Food: Pretty average but a taste of Bengal. You can say it bad among worse. Rating: 2/5


Rated 2.5 by Sarav

This is a small bengali eat-out located in the by-lanes of Chepauk. It is just a five minute walk from the Chepauk Cricket Stadium. The few times that I visited this 'hotel', I saw only bengali customers. The seating is limited and the ambience is minimalistic. But they could at least work on keeping the place clean, the plastic sheet covering the tables looks unappetising at the least and disgusting at the worst.  The food that is available is limited. You can choose between rotis or rice. They are accompanied by watery 'daal' and a vegetable , 'usually potatoes' The other dishes available are fish and chicken. The chicken curry is watery and the meat is way too hard. But the fish dishes, though the choice is limited to 2 or 3 varieties taste good. But the quality of the fish is cheap which expected as the dishes cost less than Rs.50-70/- The rice is of low quality but the portions are large. The rotis are soft and very cheap as well. Their only patrons seem to be the people living in the guest houses lining the streets in this area.