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Haleem Express Reviews and Ratings - Triplicane, Chennai


Rated 3.0 by Aasifalicious

This place generally bustles with so much activity during the month of Ramadan. It is based inside the Big Mosque in Wallahjah Road. Therefore when we decided to have a small food trail in Triplicane during this Ramadan, we decided to buy Haleem from Haleem Express. Along with it, we got a few Shammi kebab also. As the name suggests, Haleem express is quite famous for their Haleem, but when I tried it, it was so-so. It lacked the haleem flavour which is quite exquisite. It was quite bland. The kebabs on the other hand were finely minced and tasted good. With - Asif M Habib , Mr. Fudgy , MrFoOdiee


Rated 5.0 by TheFoodChauvinist (Shyamili)

Great haleem, mouth watering delicious and exquisite mutton and chicken cutlets and andde ka meeta. Cutlets and the sweet as my most favorite here and I would definitely go any day to them for it and this is one place I don't care about ambience because the food is the best. Quality - 5/5 Quantity - 5/5 Taste - 5/5 VFM - 5/5 Overall - 5/5