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Grand Pasumai Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Tambaram East, Chennai


Rated 1.0 by Saranyaa Balasubramanian

The restaurant has been closed months back Please do not go and waste your time. Also remove from the list as it misleads many We ended up going to a different restaurant

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Shanmuga Priyan

திணை மற்றும் வரகு அரிசியில் சாதமும், கிச்சடியும் மிக தரமாகவும் சுவையாகவும் இருக்கும். கேழ்வரகு , கேரட் மற்றும் மஸ்ரூம் தோசைகளும் பிரமாதமான சுவையில் கிடைக்கும். சைவ ஆம்லெட், அடை அவியல் ருசித்து பார்க்க சிறப்பு. கிராமத்து மணம் வீசும் பசுமை உணவகம்.! One of my favorite restaurant for the peaceful dinner.!


Rated 1.0 by Kathirvel

Very worst experience with Zomato order. Ordered at 12.52 and confirmed within 5 minutes. But they didn't deliver till 14.15. When I tried reaching restaurants mentioned that in another 10 mins will be delivered. But it took another 30 mins. Have sent back the food as kids were waiting for long time and tired without food. Very disappointed

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Pradeep Palakkad

I always order from this restaurant whenever i think of having vegetarian food. The food here tastes exceptionally good, but at the same time feels light. They do not add much masala or the colouring agents as in usual restaurants.  Chapatti and their special veg kuruma that is filled with pulses,veggies and nuts is my favourite for dinner. Have tried their meals as well and is equally good. Haven't seen any other restaurant serving meals that is filled with age old traditional millets varieties.  Simple ambience and courteous staff. They give you books to read while you wait for your food. Tats a pretty good initiative. Special mention about 'Kalai' who speaks well to customers and takes good care of the orders.  Cheers Pradeep


Rated 2.0 by Aparna Shyam

Placed order for a door delivery. I ordered for raja pasumai meals which is priced @ Rs.150 and lemon rice @Rs.70. It was delivered on time. Kudos to that. Now coming to the meal menu. It had Sumptuous quantity of rice- rubbery texture Veg briyani- good Sambar- was bland or tasteless(salt) Kara Kuzhambu- sweet Potato curry dry- was bland(salt missing) Kootu- good Payasam - was more jellyish Sutta appalam- was fresh and crisp Coconut chutney- 2 pkts, absolutely no clue where it fits in. Lemon rice- quantity and taste was good All the food items came sealed in silver foiled packets without label. So, Had to hunt around btw packets identifying them. A proper marking could have been done. Quantities of the sides like curry and kootu can be better. Items like paruppu podi were missing although on the menu. Taste wise, I guess the cook a grudge full day that he missed the salt in most of the dishes. The meal menu can be way better for the cost. Overall rating 2 out of 5. Definitely not VFM and not happy.