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Fresco Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Villivakkam, Chennai


Rated 2.0 by Vijayakumar Madhavan

This restaurant is near Villivakkam Subway, last Friday while crossing I packed ½ Tandoori Chicken, Chilly Chicken and an Egg Schezwan Fried Rice. Except for Tandoori Chicken the other items were far below average. My stomach got upset after taking this food. Better to stay away from this place. Not recommended. Location - 3.5/5.0; Ambience - 2.5/5.0; Food - 2.0/5.0; Service - 3.0/5.0; VFM - 2.0/5.0


Rated 1.0 by Aswin Senthil

Horrible. Everything was horrible. Grill Chicken didn't taste fresh, Shawarma tasted horrible and the texture was not right. Atmosphere was poor. Poor parking. Me and my partner got food poisoned.


Rated 4.0 by Vignesh Mohan

It was my birthday and I had to give treat to my pettai friends. 5 of us chose this place to dine at 9.00 pm. I've previously had a couple of home deliveries from the same restaurant. AMBIENCE : 3/5 This place looks kind of richer from the outside but inside it's a very normal air-conditioned hotel. Has some 6-7 tables. There were people lined up for the take away. But hardly few dining there. SERVICE : 2/5 The Service could have been better. They had no ideas of what order to bring food. They first brought the starters before even giving us the plates. Then they brought the gravies before bringing the naans. Though the Service was quick they were not organised well. FOOD : We ordered dragon prawns and tandoori chicken for starters. DRAGON PRAWNS : Taste : 4.5/5 Quantity : 5/5 Big prawns cooked very well. It tasted really good and was little on a spicy side. It was one of the best prawn dishes I've ever had. TANDOORI CHICKEN : Taste : 4/5 Quantity : 5/5 It was a usual tandoori chicken , spicy and good. It was served with mint chutney, onions and a piece of lemon. Mayonnaise was charged 20 rupees extra. Then we ordered some ginger and plain naans with two gravies. NAAN : Taste : 5/5 I've had naans at various places and always noticed it becomes harder to chew at a point. That's where I love this restaurant. It serves the softest naans , you'll never have the feel of chewing something harder. We had ginger and plain naans. I've also had garlic and butter naans previously. All of them are awesome. CHICKEN PEPPER MASALA : Taste : 2/5 Quantity : 5/5 The chicken pepper masala as the name suggests had too much pepper and it didn't quite come out well. PRAWN MASALA : Taste : 3.5/5 Quantity : 5/5 As we liked the prawn starter we asked the waiter to suggest a good prawn gravy and this was his suggestion. It was really good but not as good as dragon prawns. The gravy was spicy and had smaller prawns in it. From the previous visits I would also suggest you to try grill chicken , shawarma , mixed vegetable curry , paneer kofta here. They taste really good. VFM : 4.5/5 We were charged almost a thousand rupees. And for all we ate it was quite cheap. People living in the surrounding can have food home delivered from this place.


Rated 3.0 by Sup_mohan

This restaurant is situated near villivakkam subway....there was no spacious space for four wheelers but hoteliers helped us parking the vehicle....ambience is not upto the mark,have noticed many people were opting out for takeaway only one or two customers were dining in.we ordered mushroom soup which was good,later was fried well,then ordered pepper chicken in which instead of meat more bones were there and bit oily,then ordered schezwan chicken fried rice which was good but that dish too oily,then we asked for biryani they told biryani was not available and got over..then my husband ordered nan and kadai Chicken which was again oily but taste was slightly better.coming to service was good and quick response...moderate price....fresco its a one time visit.......... Ambience-1.5 Food-2 Service-4.5 Rate-3.5


Rated 3.0 by Dinesh Aidin

Came here to try my favorite dish shawerma 😍. The restaurant is close to Villivakam subway. The exterior look of restaurant is good but inside Omg😤 I do not know whether they use chimney to eliminate smoke inside kitchen, all smoke gets accumulated in dining area n causing cough n eye irritation to customer, everytym it's the same happening in ur restaurant.