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Rated 1.0 by Vrinda Jain

So pathetic !!! I ordered brownies, milkshake and paneer sticks it was so bad and stale. I got food poisoning. Please guys it's not a decent place do not eat or order from here. I'm bed ridden!!!

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Anirudh Ganesh

Ordered a classic veg pizza and Arrabbiata Penne Pasta.. took an hour and 15mins for delivery. THE PASTA WAS SO SPICY, HAD NO FLAVOUR EXPEXT SPICE. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, MY MOUTH STILL BURNS ( and I'm a person who loves spice and eats plenty of it). It was like they just boiled pasta and mixed it with chilli sauce, no tomato no b@asil and no olive oil. Please don't buy from here, could not eat more than 2 spoons. The pizza was decent, good toppings but cut too large and decent sauce and crust... but w@ho gives only one seasoning packet for a whole 10 inch pizza ? Cheaping out ? Lol . The serving sizes were good and that's all was good about this order. Overall a bad experience, if you want give the pizza a shot .


Rated 5.0 by Sri Hari Srinivasan

Ordered pasta for a quick snack and a couple milkshakes- creamy guava & oreo. Pasta was okay and could have been better. Nevertheless, not too bas to complain about. Let me get to the best part- CREAMY GUAVA MILKSHAKE. The milkshake did live up to its name and take it from me, a guy who appreciates creamy food only when they transcend a benchmark! Worth the buy. The only regret I had was that the drink kept emptying as I sipped through it haha. Oreo milkshake was standard. Right on the threshold. Definitely buying the cream guava milkshake again!