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Eddies Popcorn Reviews and Ratings - Tharamani, Chennai


Rated 2.0 by Girish

Decent popcorn. Not very great

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Ritwik Patnaik

Great popcorn served here.Quality of popcorn is top notch.Different Indian spice flavoured popcorn found here.Packing is of good quality.Quanity is adequate.Must visit place in Taramani


Rated 4.0 by Dandamudi Mohan Krishna

Popcorn heaven I love this place because you can actually taste popcorn before even buying it. The only downside is that they don't have anything spicy as flavour it's either one with cheese and others sweet and spicy. Apart from that it's just pure bliss.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Lakshmi Narayanan G

Located close to Copper Chimney, Eddie's is an attempt at giving you premium flavoured popcorns at a pocket friendly rate. I tried out their Cheese popcorn on a hungry evening sometime back and found it pretty nice for the Rs. 75 that I paid (Not in Sathyam's class, but better than everywhere else). The popcorns comes in hygienically sealed packs, so that's another worry sorted out. A good place for your evening snack pangs

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sai Pradeep Indhirran

Well... if you a frequent traveller on OMR then I am sure you know the traffic congestion you get into just about near Tharamani. Especially during the peak hours, you are doomed to be there for at least 30 to 45 mins. Many times I had regretted not to have packed some snack to munch thru the traffic. A couple of days ago my wife and I got into a similar jam and decided to take a detour thru the road near Ascendas. As we drove we found this place and stopped by to check it out. Definitely worth the effort. Eddie's popcorn is a perfect solution for snack we were missing for the traffic jams. They serve freshly made popcorn flavored in salted, cheese, caramel and a few new combinations. I guess we were craving for cheese and so picked up a tin. There are various sizes and combinations to pick on and you will enjoy the experience of tasting all flavors there. The people there a quite generous in allowing you to taste all flavors before you decide. It is worth a visit and I am sure you would plunge into the variety of flavors they have. Cheers With Sudha Sai Pradeep