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Express Avenue, Pudupakkam
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Eclair - The Patisserie Reviews and Ratings - Pudupakkam, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Miss Epicure

A very long time back we went here. After some shopping with friends, we were tired n I really wanted to sit so we went here 😛 Some nice couch and fancy cakes and pastries. We just ordered a piece of black forest cake. It's so airy and sweet. I've tasted many black forest cake in many places but this sounds to be different and yummy. There were several other items to taste too. I don't remember the price so will be going here for the next time.


Rated 3.0 by Syed Abdul Ikraam

Taste : 3.5/5 ; Service : 2/5 ; Ambiance : 2.5/5 ; VFM : 2/5 Eclair was earlier located in the luxury wing near the E hotel..but now has been moved to the other end on the second floor near starmark shop...This is a pretty small open is located in the walkway literally and is completely open and hence the diners will be visible to anyone who pass privacy..and hence people looking for the same kindly stay away... They have a few varieties of pastries and few savories...i was about to meet a friend in the mall..and was dying of hunger due to the reason of me skipping my thought of trying something here..i bought a paneer pizza bun for 70rs without the taxes...was heated promptly and served...There is a supposed combo worth 100rs and 150rs which serves a coke can and coffee respectively with the item ordered...which the server wanted me to buy..he actually kind of forced me to do it...and even after i said no..he billed me for it..i cleared out again saying that i want only the pizza bun.. The taste was pretty good...soft and juicy it was...tons of cheese....but would like to say that i have had the same bun with same quantity and taste for half the price outside...just because its inside a mall they serve such a high price...But the final question would be...Was it worth it??? Definitely not...can be given a miss unless you have no other option....


Rated 1.0 by Vaibhav Singhal

The staff is very rude. They are selling products above MRP. If they want to sell a bottle of Pepsi for 40rs(MRP being 34) I don't have any problem but they should hand out a bill for the same. I know people generally ignore saying it's only 6rs but they should understand what they are doing is wrong and someone needs to stop them. When I insisted for a bill they gave me a bill of aerated water saying it means Pepsi only. Very bad service and good way of cheating the customers

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Piggysash

They have exclusive vegetarian pastries and I love it ! I got Black Forest cake and I loved it ! My brother just enjoyed the pastry and they have a small seating area . They also have combos which they insist to have ! 🙈.


Rated 4.0 by Skribbles

Location & Access: Located in the sprawling mall - Express Avenue. .Entry is through gate no. 1 via the Pattulos road.  You can access the Pastry shop from the hotel or from the mall, located in the luxury section of the mall. There is a kiosk at 2 other areas of the mall and a open dine-in area near starmark and lifestyle. Ambiance : A nice view of the Buddha and in the center of atrium with seating VFM : gud value for money Menu & Taste If you are sweet-toothed and also a vegetarian, then this would be the right choice. I ordered cake for my mother’s birthday last year and was excellent. The french bread, chocolate mousse, pralines is a must try which are all eggless and specials like chocolates and plum cakes for Christmas new-year . If you are in the mall and want to grab some quick bites avoiding the crowd, Éclair would be a nice choice