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4th Avenue, Anna Nagar
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Dezire GoodLife Sugarless Sweets & Cakes Reviews and Ratings - Anna Nagar, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by T.dharma.2000



Rated 3.0 by Srimanto Sen

Look I have ordered online from this Company, not from this particular sweet shop a lot, their apple jam and squashes are very good, but their sweets are heavily loaded with ghee, or butter, be it wheat halwa, or their laddoos, so it has a fat content which is not good for the cholesterol or trygleceride levells or for the heart, They are best advised to refrain from using so much of ghee in their products, if they do so it will become much healthier. Secondly their product, substitute of sugar while being  good, I used to have it regularly,  but then I developed a constant stomach upset on and off,  I am not saying it is bad, it is good but you have to limit the  daily intake,  otherwise it will lead to intolerance,  loose motions. Plus I  often had their sweets or biscuits too, which at that point in time was relished inspite of their ghee content. Later on I realised,  glycemic index of contents of sweets also has to be looked into, maida, refined flour has a high glycemic index, even wheat  can raise sugar levels, only chickpea flour, besan does not raise sugar levels, so it is best to avoid  sweets made of anything else but besan or dried fruit for diabetics, so while the sugar substitute is good with ltd intake, and is less on the glycemic scale but  sugar rises due to high glycemic index foods.I would request them to make sweets more and more out of items, ingredients which in itself are low on the glycemic index scale, they have gulab jamun made from refined flour, jhangri made of rice, these are not low on glycemic index scale and def they should cut down on the ghee, butter used in their sweets. People are advised to check search for glycemic index chart on the internet to have a better diabetic control


Rated 1.0 by Jeethendra Jayaraman

Never ever order from them. Ordered a cake online from them on 28th March for a birthday of a diabetic to be delivered on 30th March. Still we have not received the cake from them and it is 2nd April already. Also when we tried to speak to the support centre, they were absolutely ignorant and careless in responding to us citing a reason that they have already sent the cake through a third party courier and are not responsible for the order. We followed up on the courier and it has been shipped to Kochi and yet to be delivered to my place at chennai!! How ridiculous is this? In fact we chose the delivery date and have received confirmatory mail on 29th stating the order date as 30th March. So, are we going to get a refund for our order or you are planning to sleep on my hard earned money? Awaiting a call from them atleast after reading this review.


Rated 5.0 by Srini

Awesome and innovative products in the need of the hour! Sweet surprises for my parents who are diabetics brings such a smile on thier face.. You just can't afford to miss them. I myself have enjoyed these sweets though I'm not a diabetic. Anyone can try them without fear because of the natural sweeteners and quality ingredients they use! Great Job Guys!


Rated 2.5 by Rajesh Hari

This is a modest bakery / sweet store which caters to the cravings and indulgence in every diabetic. I buy their diabetic friendly sweets for the diabetics in my family to treat them with something different every week. There are really good Indian sweets like gulab jamuns and jelabies . They also have cakes , biscuits , savories and breads . It's all the things that any diabetic would dezire , its a fitting name I would say .