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Phipps Road, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar
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Desi di - dhinchak food Reviews and Ratings - Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Chennai


Rated 4.0 by Pavithra Udupa

ok..this place has shut down. we've been 3 times... and every time we had a really great experience with exceptional food, ambience and service. really loved the decor and artwork. having tried all their dishes except the beef based ones, the food here is probably one of the best Anglo Indian and pure desi khanna joints...we decided to have dinner here once more yesterday and found to our dismay that the restaurant has been shut down for the past 20 days *according to the security. feel really sad and disappointed . hope this is a temporary move and that it will reopen with fanfare shortly.


Rated 3.0 by Nandha Kumaar

I have been here 3 times with different people with different tastes.. very mixed reactions. pros- 1.different and wide menu 2.well designed restaurant, parking is not all a issue 3.located at Ayanavaram where there is no decent restaurant either you have to goto Kilpauk or Anna Nagar East if you are in this locality 4. U will enjoy the food if you choose the correct items (cleary explained in cons) 5. chef walks down to you and enquire about the dish and our likings (check point 4 in cons) cons- 1.not happy with the pricing when compared to the quantity provided. 2. first time I was awestruck when had their Bao, khakra, gulab jamun cheesecake but second and third when explored their small and Periya plates felt food was average... let it be naan or biriyani or chicken... very normal nothing to boast about. 3. with relevance to point 4 in pros, selected times are really good and right pricing but on contrary, a cheesecake for 200+ excluding service charge and taxes?? meanwhile how can you charge service charge? have you checked with the customer whether he is okay with Ur service or whether you can include the service charge? Most of the customers like me doesn't question this because since you have prepared the bill we don't want to change the bill and make a scene there Wer other diners will be disturbed. 4. very good gesture for chef to directly ask the diners about the food but it turns out to be worst when the chef selects the diners with preference. all the 3 times I visited the restaurant was almost empty just few were dinning first 2 times he enquired select person I thought it was accindental but third time he walked through the diners and didn't enquire anyone instead settled before the TV because the rest of the bunch also resembled us... If you don't treat your customers well then you are in big trouble!!


Rated 5.0 by Karthiga

My 20th birthday happened here.♥️ Yes,this place is absolutely worth celebrating. Ambience-- I would give them 5/5 just for their ambience.I spent almost 45 mins taking pictures in and out.Outside the resto,you have got an outdoor seating with the chicks roaming around.With the 1900's set up and the gramaphone,every bit were adorable♥️♥️.Look at me,describing the ambience in tons of lines.😂 Food- Another best part♥️♥️♥️we ordered, 🍴MALAI PANNER TIKKA--I am dieing😬😬.Enriched with cream,the panner Tikka tasted heavenly♥️♥️.I would have kept asking for it😂if I were not allowed to taste any other. #mustorder 🍴Arbi pakoda--This is Desi potato wedges😂♥️.The name gets the attention and so the wedges.The dip(both sweet and tangy),was damn♥️♥️♥️♥️. #mustorder. 🍴Vada Bao-- The stuff was nice and it was decent enough♥️ 🍴Chicken biriyani-- This was not excellent but did not let us down for sure. They presented it pretty good♥️ with the chapathi wrapped on the top♥️ 🍴Chicken patiala-- This was okayish for me while my friends liked it. 🍴Gulabjamun cheesecake-- To finish it off with a sweet tooth,this one cake was heavy for us 😂 with 3 jamuns accompanying♥️♥️ Service-- It was superfast and prompt. #Everyonemustvisithereatleastforonce♥️


Rated 1.0 by Raman Choudhary

Everything is fine about hotel and their services except the beef they serve. It's my opinion only, as I hate beef and those restaurants who serve beef. Other dishes are really superb, no doubt a bit expensive but taste is awesome. Professional staff and nice decoration, hygiene place.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Prem Chand

2 visits back to back in 5 days time, one was a family time another was an invite to try out their 2.0 menu, glad that I got to try many variants of Desi food. AAM PANNA ICED TEA served in a long pipette kinda jar was a sweeter Mango iced tea with hint of lime and without any sugar I assume. KOKKUM SORBET with a strong hint of Jaljeera was perfect for the whole meal. MUTTON BOHIRI SAMOSA with crisp outer part, minced mutton pieces stuffed, had with pudhina chutney, nothing to boast off the dish, also I felt its little expensive at 299 ₹ for 4 pieces. SUGARCANE CHICKEN KEBAB with minced chicken pieces, curry leaves, ginger all quite nicely sticks on to the Sugarcane sticks, creative dish, well prepared and tasted well with tomato chutney. Quiet simple preparation to the previous one was KHAKRA YA PAPAD, more or less an appalam applied chutney on base, tender chicken, onions, tomato over it. Few dishes has a lot of innovative stuffs and then there are few other dishes like this which connects me so well. Big credits to chef couts for bringing the much acclaimed Black chicken from Madhya Pradesh and naming DESI DI KADAKNATH PEPPER CHICKEN, a trademark for this whole restaurant I would say. Outer part, inner portion, bones everything from the word go is Black colored. And the taste of the Chicken surprised me more since I m a country chicken lover and I love eating with hands getting dirtier. This Kadaknath at 599 ₹, don't think it's expensive as how i thought initially, rather you're trying out a rare breed of Chicken which even take whole India, difficult to taste in this form. Beef in a more healthier way that's AMARANTH BEEF FRY where Amaranth after a few research I get to know the plant or a cereal is so rich in proteins, vitamins and more healthier than the wheat, rice family. Amidst many beef bans, here's beef in an upgraded version. Having SQUID & ONION RINGS was a game between me and my friend since both fried ones are a lookalike of a texture both in and out, so one has to identify which one it is before taking a bite, trust me game gets trickier. Nice Crispy flavourful gets tastier with pumpkin Chutney. TAWA FRIED FISH, Sheila fish that day, keeps changing according to the availability, a decent tasted dish. MUTTON BIRIYANI had a nice flavor with a very less spiceness to it, only when had with the Brinjal masala or a thick Raitha it satisfied my palate. Deserts again innovation with GULAB JAMUN stuffed and topped CHEESECAKE, extremely shocked when the base of the cake which had a chocolate lookalike was good day biscuit with butter, said by the chef, gave so much flavor to the cheese overloaded cake. GAJAR KA HALWA aka carrot halwa when had it separately would've been a boring dish for me, they had got stuffed inside a ghee drenched crisp samosa that gets dipped in a condensed milk with almonds aka Rabdi and superb fluffy COTTON CANDY to accompany it. Few seconds into that dish, absolutely blew my mind. Overall - The ideas being so unique, food being so authentic and the chef being so energetic, whole place has become my favorite now, but that being said, few small problems, one was the shortage of service staffs, especially on a weekend where the responses for the order gets delayed. Other one is people who doesn't know or think about the preparations and efforts goes behind, might see this as a little expensive restaurant compared to others, in that locality especially, in other word the commercial connect. Over to the chef to make sure that these two small yet real problems gets solved.