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Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai

Grand Southern Trunk Road, Sanatorium
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Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Reviews and Ratings - Sanatorium, Chennai


Rated 2.5 by Syed Abdul Ikraam

Taste : 4/5 ; Ambiance : 3/5 ; Service : 1/5 ; VFM : 2.5/5 Update July 2017 : Outlet is closed... Review May 2017 :  After Many failed attempts to visit the Courtallam border rahmath kadai's first outlet in T.Nagar i was delighted to learn when i saw a new outlet in Tambaram...Opened inside the Emrald park in the place of already existing restaurant by the name Athankudi...Located opposite side of the Siddha hospital near Mepz bus depot...The Parking is roadside and is limited... They have used the earlier restaurants interiors without a bit of change...Resembling a old home in the villages with wooden carved pillars and roof to resemble the thatched work...the furniture too seem to not have changed...though the place has a calm feeling about it the cleanliness and maintenance have taken a back seat...with a few flies to join you at your dinner table...The A/C is the least effective and in this hot summer it was challenge to dine in here... The service was the worst my 5 visits to this outlet the service kept degrading to the lowest level possible..lethargic behavior..rude answers..high waiting time..least concern about the customers..they seem to tick all the boxes to call them a restaurant with bad service... The food however has been good...served hot except of couple of occasions that too on the latest visits..the border parotta was crispy and flaky and tasted really good...the wheat parotta was just the regular stuff...The salna parotta and the kothu parotta are the next good things...the nattu kozhi onion fry is the yummiest among the starters... Pricing though average seems a bit high for this particular outlet with such bad service...the ambiance too needs to be improved and the maintenance seriously need to be rectified ASAP...Visit only if you have no other options or care only about the food and not the other aspects...


Rated 2.0 by Karthik Ramalingam

Okay the Ambiance was the erstwhile attangudi restaurants. Now CBB has taken over and not made any changes. Coming to the food, it is a complete let down. After a oil massage  and the climate in courtrallam the Barottas was a welcome however this one is nowhere close to it when it comes to taste and service. Looks like the place is run without any staff and nobody seems to care. i did like thier ding dong eggs(if i remember it right).


Rated 4.0 by Anuja Manoharan

The food is good. Ambience not so much. Parottas could have been better. They could also expand their menu a bit. It's very parotta specific.


Rated 2.0 by Biswajeet Jena

Very bad experience, Majority of foods were too oily and ill prepared. Didn't liked it. Also something about ambience of this place is very stressful. Didn't enjoyed my meal over here


Rated 2.0 by Prabhaharan N

We didn't have a pleasent feel with this restaurant.We can get a good food from roadside shop even.Keeping a name as border barota and adding bad name to franchise is too bad. We went there with people of 10 and there was 2 vegetarian in our group. We were in a mindset that we didnt expect a very good food but a normal one with good taste.. First when we entered there was no one to ask how many and where to sit and all. After 10 minutes we settled down on own and we ordered some different varieties of barotas which were in the menu. I ordered for egg vechu and nattukozhi onion fry. At last I got Ceylon barota and they said both are same.:( Nattukozhi onion fry was too salty and not worth for money. My friend ordered for gun chicken and it was also not good. Gravy also there is not much choice ..The one they give for normal barota is too oily and taste also doesn't look good. We had a very bad experience with this hotel. For bill also we almost waited for 10 minutes. Definitely don't try this hotel. Please stay away.!